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As a social media marketing agency, we don't need to tell you how mysterious and confusing social media can be. There are so many social media channels you could invest in - and so much conflicting advice on how to achieve social media success. Maybe you've already experimented with social media yourself? If so, you've no doubt been pulling your hair out trying to understand why you've not been getting results with your marketing strategy.

Well, now you can relax. We provide social media marketing services to businesses that want to get social media marketing results, but have neither the time nor the expertise to do so. We'll take away your social media headache and give you the business results you've been craving.

Our expert social media managers have all the expertise you need to really start seeing tangible leads, event bookings, calls or meetings being generated by your social media presence. We’ll spend time getting to know your business to really understand what it is you do and what it is you need to really get the best ROI from your digital marketing. That's just one of many things that makes us stand out as a social media marketing company.

The 4 steps that get you real business results from our social media marketing services


Define your target audience and the desired end outcome of your social media marketing


Create a plan for how you will grow an audience of your ideal prospects on social media


Develop a content posting strategy that will build trust & credibility for your business


Experiment with how you convert so that your social media produces the desired end results

The social media marketing company that gets tangible business results

Every business wants to harness social media marketing - whether it's to generate new client leads, attract new hires or drive website traffic. But employing an in-house Social Media Manager comes at a significant cost. That's why our social media agency has focused on providing the most cost-effective social media services. We make it possible for you to implement an outstanding social strategy that a small business or recruitment team would otherwise struggle to afford.

We'll undertake the steps you need to get business results from social media - but at 1/3 the cost of you hiring someone in-house. That's what makes us one of the leading social media agencies, trusted since 2012 to drive up clients' social media performance.

Choose Your Service Level

Decide on the social media presence your company wants to achieve. You'll see that our prices are only 1/3 the cost of employing someone in-house.


For companies that simply want to look professional on social media

£799 / $899 Per Month


For companies that want to look professional on social media and grow their audience

£999 / $1149 Per Month


For companies that want it all! Look professional, grow an audience and drive web traffic, candidate applications, client leads or sales

£1299 / $1499 Per Month

Testimonials For Our Social Media Marketing Services

"Within the last weeks we’ve won a major contract entirely on the back of our work with Social-Hire – 3x our annual investment in marketing, from someone who found us via Social-Hire's work. We're also progressing discussions with lots of potential new client leads cultivated entirely from the work of Social-Hire."
Joe Nagle, Innovation Director at The Innovation Beehive

Gill Stewart

"Working with Social-Hire to build our social media presence has been really straightforward and hassle-free. On a day-to-day basis, our time is freed up to focus on our business – and best of all, this is all achieved for a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house social media manager."
Gill Stewart, MD at Capability Jane Recruitment

Gill Stewart

"These guys rock! I was at first skeptical they would be able to generate results for us, or that at the very least it would take considerable time before we saw any. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. Really impressive work."
Robin Doenicke, Founder & CEO of Zensho Agency

Martin Bramall

"It has been a real pleasure to work with Social-Hire. They have captured our personality and integrity and position us exactly how we’ve asked them to. They are also extremely responsive and easy to do business with. Their experience has helped position us as a leader in our industry."
Jeff Herzog, President of FPC New York City

Jeff Herzog


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The business model at Social Hire is pretty simple - our team of social media marketing pros will work with your business to reach your digital marketing goals, expand your online presence and increase brand awareness with your target audience through content marketing and give you results that actually make a difference to you. You’ll have a rolling monthly contract so you’re not tied into a lengthy social media management agreement if it doesn’t work out for whatever reason (though we’re pretty sure you’ll stay, as our clients invariably do!), and we’re agile, flexible and enthusiastic, so we can get started on creating amazing social media marketing strategies that really give you the best opportunity for success straight away.

We offer a variety of different services and packages so you can get a presence on social media platforms that is perfectly tailored to you and the needs of your business. This will incorporate tailored activities to deliver on your goals, which could include anything from content creation and managing your LinkedIn company page to Facebook advertising. We're not talking about short-term social media campaigns here though, as some social media marketing agencies focus on, but rather on managing social media ongoing as part of your broader marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing

At Social Hire, we pride ourselves on the reputation of our social media marketing company. We know that there are so many social media marketing agencies and freelancers who will work on your social media channels and image, but not much more. We care about ensuring your digital marketing efforts actually contribute directly to your business goals. Without that, you’re just doing social media marketing for the sake of it and it’s a waste of time, effort and money for everyone. When you use our social media marketing services, you’ll get a full social media strategy planned, created and implemented with your business goals always in mind. That'll likely compromise mostly of organic social media marketing with a bit of social media advertising where needed. You’ll get a digital marketing manager who can create your social presence from scratch and will give you all the benefits of a full-time social media manager... for a fraction of the cost! (that's just one of many reasons companies choose to use social media marketing companies by the way)

Social Media Management

So if you’re looking for help with your social media marketing, but don’t want to waste time or resources on something that doesn’t actually make a difference, Social Hire is the social media marketing agency for you. Our team invest considerable time and effort every day into social media management focused on using your social media accounts to generate sales, drive traffic, increase registrations, spark conversations with your ideal prospects and more. Hitting the social media marketing goals we set out to achieve is what spurs us on each day - and is what we like to be known for as a social media marketing agency.

Social Media Strategy

The majority of companies that don’t see any return from their social media marketing efforts probably missed out on real results because they didn’t have a social strategy in place that would actually give them what they need. A social media marketing strategy should tell everyone involved what it is that you want for your business, and how social media marketing is going to get you there (whether that's organically or through social media ads). We should all be working towards achieving more leads, better brand recognition, an increase in inbound calls or some other desired business outcome.

Our team will work closely with your business to collaboratively create and implement social strategies that will genuinely be effective when it comes to your business goals. We have years of experience as a social media management company putting together creative and effective social strategies for all kinds of sectors, and with the input of your business alongside our expertise in digital marketing, you’ll get a brilliant strategy that will give you the leads and growth that actually makes a difference for your business.

Social Media For Lead Generation

Since 2012, the team at Social Hire have been creating brilliant results for our clients that actually make a difference and get them the business that they need. Our social media for lead generation services allow you to get tangible results, legitimate enquiries and build positive relationships using social media - after all, it’s called social for a reason!

For plenty of small businesses and organisations getting started with social media marketing, just creating a solid, professional, engaging persona online is enough. As you grow your brand and activity, so your customer base and reputation will expand. Using social media lead generation, we can speed this process up and make sure nothing is left to chance. Lead generation on social media involves making sure you’re always hitting the right audience and targeting potential leads in a way that makes sense for both your business and their needs. So if you’re ready to invest in a social media strategy that will get you the leads you need to grow your business effectively, arrange a call with the Social Hire team below.

Social Media Training

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of knowing what you need to do. You have the time, capacity, budget and willingness to get to know social media and find out how to get results yourself, but you’re missing the digital marketing knowledge and simply don’t know where to start. Our experienced team offer training and development for social media so you can be sure that you’re on the right track. We offer a course of ongoing social media training to help you grow and develop your in-house capabilities, allowing your team members to grow your presence, create new leads, work on new platforms and find out more about what's working for small businesses on social media.


At Social Hire, we’re a team of social media marketing experts that genuinely care about creating results that make a difference to your business. We’ve worked with small businesses over a wide variety of different B2B sectors to create amazing results for everything from consulting firms to recruitment businesses to training companies. Our social media expertise and commitment to actual business growth for our clients makes us the right choice for anyone wanting to improve the digital marketing of their B2B business.

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