Why The Humble Resume Is Not TOTALLY Dead.

By Irene McConnell (Kotov)

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There’s a lot of talk about resumes dying a slow, painful death in 2014. I think that this position is only partially true.

If you apply for a job today, chances are, you'll be asked to submit a resume.

Sure, you might be head-hunted through LinkedIn or a forward-thinking employer will insist that you apply for a job using Twitter.

Those are outstanding and ultra-progressive examples of social media practice, however they still represent the vast minority of hiring practices (plus, these practices are over-represented in the media, which makes them look more popular than they really are).


Your Business Card.

I think what’s changed is the role the resume plays in the hiring process. 

In the past, the resume was centre of attention. It was the fulcrum of your personal brand and your voice during your job search efforts.

Today, its role is more like that of a business card - designed to give someone a quick snapshot of who you are, before they put the resume down and find out everything they need to know about you on the Internet.


Your Personal Branding Mix.

This means that your resume is just as critical for your job search as it was a few years ago. However, it plays its part in a much wider marketing & branding mix, which also includes your:

  • Website / Blog
  • Social Media Platforms (between 1 and 3, depending on your level of seniority and industry)
  • Publicity (guest blog posts, mentions in media)

These elements represent the 4 most critical pillars of your personal brand.


Most Important Element.

Note that these are NOT ranked in order of importance. Rather, I see them as overlapping elements, all working together to establish and reinforce your authority.

What’s also important is that the strength of your personal brand rises exponentially with the number of the pillars you have established. 

For example, a resume alone is relatively powerless. However, a professional resume coupled with an impressive LinkedIn profile will give you a considerable advantage during job search.


Being Irresistible.

Moreover, if a recruiter Googles you and also discovers a popular blog on which you disseminate ideas and share your thoughts with a community of loyal followers, your chances of being called in for an interview rise dramatically. 

Finally, if the recruiter also notices that you’re a voice of authority in your niche through mentions in industry publications and resident guest blogging positions, you become a very strong candidate who is very difficult to ignore.

About the Author

Irene Kotov helps senior executives get jobs in exciting companies. Through her resume writing services, and LinkedIn profile writing services she helps executives get noticed during job search.


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