10 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out as a Job Seeker


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You’ve finally decided to start a profile on LinkedIn (after reading all about the benefits of using LinkedIn to find a job here, no doubt!) and patiently sit back waiting for a recruiter to come calling. But after weeks of not getting a bite, you wonder if there is anything you can do to improve the performance of your LinkedIn profile? Why, yes...there is!  A LinkedIn profile can easily be worked with so that you stand out from your peers in a positive way.

Let’s look at a few ways to capture the attention of the best hiring companies with 10 expert tips for creating an outstanding LinkedIn profile.

#1 – Your Image is everything

When it comes to developing a stand out LinkedIn profile, nothing can do it justice unless you have a great photo image uploaded. Use a professional headshot, taken while you are wearing a power suit and a nice smile. Studies have shown that people make their initial impression within seconds from seeing your image, so make this count.

#2 – Strong summary standout

Just as you will on your resume, the LinkedIn profile gives you a great space to create a strong summary of skills and achievements. Use this well by drafting up a 3 sentence summary that tells others who you are about. Add a bulleted list of your top 5 attributes just below this. Hint: write it in a word processing product and paste it in.

#3 – Make it job search friendly

There are a growing number of companies that utilize LinkedIn recruitment tools. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is friendly to this system by lining up your last 3 jobs in the right format. Highlight your skills and use a professional catch line next to your image to make your applications “pop”.

#4 - Endorsements vs. testimonials

A lot of recruitment pros dispute the validity of endorsements on a LinkedIn profile. However, a testimonial speaks volumes. Why? Because it takes seconds for someone who doesn’t really know you that well to endorse you. It takes a lot more effort to get someone to write a great testimonial about you.

#5 – Are you connected, enough?

Experts recommend that you shoot for around 350-500 connections on LinkedIn. This enables you to be part of enough industry networks who will include recruiters looking for people with our skillsets. So, get out there and make strategic connections to build up your circle of influence.

#6 – Be choosy about groups

Do not simply join a LinkedIn group because it looks good or drop an industry reference. Actually, check them out and see who is active on it and what the talk is about. Then join and start contributing to the discussion to get noticed.

#7 – Use the right keywords

Recruiters use specific simply keyword phrases when seeking out the best candidates. Keep this in mind as you develop your LinkedIn profile. Avoid being too wordy or using obtuse phrases. Think about how recruiters will search for you. If you are a writer, you are not a “wordsmith”, for example.

#8 - See who is viewing your profile

Take the time to sign up for the more advanced version of LinkedIn to get access to a suite of products and information that you can use to improve your profile. Check out who has been looking at your profile and those of your peers. Go one step further and introduce yourself to these onlookers.

#9 - Highlight your portfolio

Add value to your LinkedIn profile by incorporating all facets of your talent. You can add links to your portfolio, use apps to build appeal with videos and slideshows, and stay connected with social media feeds. Never just stop at the basics – go for the bells and whistles.

#10 – Hop on those jobs with alerts

Maximize your LinkedIn account by setting up job alerts, and use your mobile LinkedIn app to apply in a flash as soon as matching jobs come your way. Minutes count and recruiters are generally going to contact the first 25 percent of applicants before anyone else. Time is of the essence.

Try using these tips and see how many recruiters starting connecting with you. Remember, the more time you spend studying LinkedIn as a job search tool, the better the results can be for you.


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