Interview Preparation: Don’t Wing It, Win It

By Acuity Training

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Don't feel nervous about your upcoming interview, feel excited about the possibilities. The good news about job interviews is that when someone succeeds in a job interview there is very little magic or luck involved. If you have prepared well then your odds are better than most of the other candidates.

Research shows that 93% of interview success is determined by preparation. Of course, confidence and charisma help but far less than most people think.

Next time that you have a job interview remember, the amount and quality of your preparation will far outweigh all the other factors combined.

Just one evening (2 hours) of effective, structured preparation will put you in the top 10% of applicants. It’s amazing to think that you can shift the odds so much in your favour by dedicating just one evening to this.

The infographic below from Acuity Training shows you the 5 key things you need to do to prepare for a job interview and has a number of data-driven tips to swing the odds in your favour.

For example, did you know that almost half of candidates are rejected as they have little or no knowledge of the company they are interviewing for? Or that, only 39% of candidates follow up within 24 hours of a job interview despite 75% of interviewers saying that receiving a follow up does influence their decision-making.

As ever, although the basics seem just that, basic, and so many people don't bother with them. It is always surprising how few people do the basic well. Use this to give you a big edge in your next interview. 

Oh and before I forget - Good Luck!

Courtesy of: Acuity Training


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