Hiring Market Trends In The IT Sector Explored

By Tony Restell

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Olga Fragis InterviewI recently had the opportunity to interview Olga Fragis of liveassets.ca. It was great to hear of a sector that's been buoyant and continued hiring through much of the pandemic - and that has great prospects for the coming year. We talked about IT hiring market trends, hiring remotely and what we can expect to see in the IT market moving forward. Well worth a watch for anyone involved in the IT sector.

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Here's the full video, a transcript of which follows underneath

Interview Transcript - Hiring Market Trends in the IT Sector

Hi everyone and thanks so much for tuning in for today's video.

Delighted today to be joined by Olga Fragis of Live Assets, the founder and CEO of that business.

Olga do you want to just take a moment and tell us briefly about your business?

Sure, absolutely. So we're a staffing solutions company.

We focus on IT. That's our area of expertise.

We've been in the industry for about 23 years.

And we work with companies across Canada and the U.S.

Mostly, I would say full time and contract based work.

Those are the two areas that we specialize in.


And I can imagine you've seen quite a few changes in the IT hiring market, over the last few months. Do you want to talk about some of what you've seen happening?

Absolutely, It's been, I don't know, a challenge. I think it's been a fun experience.

It's been, innovative for sure.

And IT is definitely that, I would say March, I kind of categorize the months in my head.

So I would say March was the kind of standstill, the shock, the halt of projects.

April was kind of the realignment, the pivot that we saw.

IT, the IT industry is very robust and I think they're very agile, to begin with.

So this I think it came as a shock, but not as other sectors I would suggest.

May was prioritizing going back and looking at projects and seeing,

okay, what are we going to do? What are we not going to do?

What is really needed in the marketplace?

June was definitely the move for hire. For sure.

We've been seeing a lot of hiring, we've been seeing some of the companies are being a little bit more reserved.

But overall, I would say companies are seeing this as an opportunity.

An opportunity to snap up great talent.

And they've been doing a great, great job.

Yeah, it's what I call growing pains, right?

It's never, never fun for any of us, but I think the outcome will be awesome.

We're definitely writing history, so we'll be able to look back and say, wow!

It's really great to hear the positive news on the hiring front as well.

Yes it is. Even for us, it was a little bit scary at the beginning.

We were kind of like, what's this going to look like? What's happening?

We weren't really, really sure. But definitely the pulse is back, no doubt.

Thanks so much for that great news about hiring Olga and in terms of remote hiring. Obviously, it's become a major priority for companies to figure out how to hire remotely and what character traits to look for, when making remote hires.

What kinds of things are you advising clients to look out for?

Yes, remote is definitely the way to go.

Remote hiring is the trend for sure, no doubt.

Things that you know everyone looks at and they should be more aware of today is really when we look at people, we're looking for people who have strong accountability.

They're very self-disciplined, strong organizational skills and, more than ever, communication skills.

We talk about it again, again, and again.

But this is now really, really important. It's a top priority for sure.

So I would say when hiring remotely, you have to have a very structured process in place.

If you want to be successful.

And although we think culture, cultural fits and values and so on, doesn't really matter.

It actually does. It really, really does.

So the first thing a company should really look at is, being able to identify what is truly important to them.

So for example, if someone was very keen on, you know one of their values was always learning. I think one of the questions would be, tell me what you learned this year.

What is one of your top learnings of the year?

So really, putting that into place and setting it up and then ensuring that every time you're asking the same questions that you can compare accordingly.

Candidate, like from each candidate.

Absolutely. And then I would say, experience interviewing would be the next thing.

So really looking and honing in on someone's experience and allowing them to give you examples of their work.

You might even give them a short assignment.

Yes, so focusing on the key elements of the role, more technical scenario based questions.

For example, if you're hiring, let's say a developer, you'd be looking at more of technical scenario-based questions.

And looking for them to walk you through that process.

So again, I think just being very, very specific to the ask is going be key more than ever.

And last but not least, in terms of crystal ball gazing and trying to see what the future holds.

What kinds of trends are you expecting to see there?

Well, I wish I had one. That would make my life so much easier.

I'm going to say there's a number of trends.

I mean, you know technology, mobility is the way of the world.

I mean, it was in IT there was always a remote component.

But definitely now it's here to stay. So we're going to see a lot of workplace flexibility.

It's going to be a major trend in the IT industry.

Focusing on end results, allowing for a work-life balance.

We're going be looking at implementing this to allow for retention and less burnout, because that's a big, big issue.

So allowing people, we have to remember that people now working from home, they're trying to juggle so many things. So what's going to be key here is the outcome.

It's not going be about a 9 to 5 anymore it's going be about result oriented.

Projects getting done on time.

We're going to see blended workforces, we're going to see full time and contract.

More than ever. I mean it's been again a trend in IT.

But now more than ever, we're going see companies we see it.

We see it now. Like last month, most of our hires were contract-based people because it's more project focused and because of the uncertainty of tomorrow.

So that's been a big, a big trend that we're seeing.

The other thing too, is we can tap into talent from all over the world.

Which is kind of cool. There's no more, location doesn't matter.

One of the key things that we used to talk about when we were recruiting is where they live, location.

The commute and all that, that's all gone.

And I think that's also something that's here to stay.

So the other thing that we're going to be seeing.

Where we're seeing it now is that companies are bombarded with hiring.

It's hard that our groups are bombarded not only with recruiting,

but they're bombarded with so many HR issues that they have today.

And if you're not really an expert in the field, it's very, very difficult.

So we're seeing a lot of companies that have tried these last couple of months to hire on their own and they're coming out and saying, well, you know, we really need your help. We need to partner, we don't know how to do this, and we can't do it fast enough.

We can't get our IT managers and directors to be interviewing back to back and not getting what they need.

We need someone who can really give us 3, 4 top candidates and allow us to choose someone.

So we need all that groundwork to be done by someone else.

So those are really the trends of what we're seeing happening in the IT space for sure.

Olga fascinating insights.

Thank you ever so much for your time today and have a great rest of the week everyone.

Thank you, Tony.

Bye for now.


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