Kenneth Lang Shares His Top LinkedIn Tips

By Tony Restell

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We recently had the pleasure of hosting LinkedIn job search expert Kenneth Lang on our series of live calls with LinkedIn Experts. The aim of these is to help you to stay up to date with what's working on LinkedIn...

... and to share actionable ideas you can put to use right away to get better results from the LinkedIn platform. Here's the full recording:

Key topics we covered and questions that were addressed are time-stamped as follows:

  • [2 mins 50] What are you hearing from jobseekers and recruiters in terms of the current state of the hiring market, how are things looking?

  • [5 mins 20] A lot of people don't have that much exposure to how recruitment works, until the point they need a new job. So what role does LinkedIn play in getting yourself hired today - and what are some of the things that people therefore need to focus on doing?

  • [15 mins 50] What mistakes do you see people making in terms of how their profile is written?

  • [18 mins 05] Do you recommend that jobseekers should post on LinkedIn - and if so, any tips of things to focus on getting right?

  • [19 mins 25] Do you have a recommended routine that jobseekers could follow on LinkedIn, to make sure they're doing all the most important activities on a daily or weekly basis?

  • [21 mins 40] If someone is trying to achieve a complete change in career direction, to get into something completely new, what are some things they can do to help their chances of achieving this?

  • [23 mins 10] Should jobseekers get LinkedIn Premium, or stick with a free account?

A big thank you to Kenneth Lang for making the time to do this - and if you know a LinkedIn expert who'd make a great addition to this series of live calls then please do message Tony Restell on LinkedIn.

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