Recruitment Technology and The State of Play in the ATS Market

By Tony Restell

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Has the pandemic derailed investment in recruitment technology, or has the time business leaders have had to work on their businesses meant that technologies are being adopted at a faster rate?

I recently had the chance to pick the brains of Giles Heckstall-Smith, Director at Jobtrain. We explored:

- What's the current state of the ATS market and what are the implications for potential recruitment customers?

- How has COVID impacted the industry and how have recruitment technology suppliers been adapting?

- How have the events of 2020 changed the way in which customers are using and engaging with recruitment technology?
Giles Heckstall-Smith Interview


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Interview Transcript-Recruitment Technology and the State of Play in the ATS Market

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Tony Restell.
from Social-Hire on Thanks so much for joining today's video interview.
They like to be joined today by Giles Heckstall-Smith,
who is a director of JobTrain.
We're gonna be talking all things recruitment technology today.
thanks very much for joining us.
Great turning absolute pleasure.
Thank you so much for inviting me on.
Just give people a very quick insight into your business and what it is you do.
So I'm here a job trade we develop,
we implement.
And we support a whole range of customers using our recruitment technology or up
contracting software.
Our mission is a business,
if you like.
Is tio deliver pioneering technology that keeps people at the heart of the recruiting
So that's what we're all about.
Brynn on DH.
So what does the current eight?
It looked like,
you know,
in the UK and even globally.
And what does that mean for potential customers who were trying to,
wear toe invest?
Good question.
It's busy.
There's a lot going on.
We just focus on the UK alone.
There must be about 50 up contracting software providers operating today.
That means that there is lots of choice,
quite overwhelming choice.
Sometimes as well.
You've got some of the old guard providers.
They've been around for quite a long time,
and you've got some new entrance,
the market.
They're making these quite exciting in terms of bringing on really nice shining,
you tech,
new innovation,
that kind of thing.
I wanted the ultimate means to customs.
It's a good thing I can use.
The term a rising tide lifts all boats is actually keeping every honest so there,
while she's quite little choice and it could be a little bit overwhelming,
actually is pushing things forward really positively in terms of product in the
in terms of the level of service that customers can expect to receive.
So it is always,
it's an exciting time for bias.
But there is a lot of choice,
and I think the best thing to do is to start with your trusted networks.
If you're looking for a piece of recruitment technology,
or look at your competitors are using and use that first up,
so that's a great point.
And in terms of this year,
how has that impacted the industry.
And how have you been adapting to import?
The impact.
That's hot.
I mean,
these are really uncharted times,
everybody within the recruitment ta industry.
Or is a tech provider like acid Job Train.
The first thing,
obviously that that's happened is well,
you know,
we all got sent home on DH.
We adapted very quickly is the business that we need to have got a lot of customers support.
And as you can probably imagine,
Tony with a quite a broad cross section of customers that work with.
We had some like any chess Scotland,
other care clients and logistics food that we're recruiting a real pace.
But at the same time,
we had others that were looking at restructuring as,
losing people.
So the first thing we need to do with trying connect the two to see if we could help support those customs.
They're losing with those that were hiring and also do a little bit of a pivot.
I mean,
you're imagining,
you know,
within this pandemic we were in hiring an awful lot or looking at,
you know,
implementing new recruitment technology.
So we considered,
how can we use the existing knowledge and experience we've got and share that with the wider community
you have.
People sat this out on furlough,
considering losing their jobs,
were able to share information using weekly webinars and,
you know,
sharing insights and that kind of thing with the wider markets.
We hope that's been of some real value to people.
Internet is a business,
you know.
We took the decision not to place people furlough.
We took the opportunity to try and build as much as possible.
So we've taken this time to look at really refining,
improving our internal processes,
poor systems for customers but also putting Lowther build and invasion to our products.
I hope we can all come back firing next year.
Brilliant and just out of interest.
You seeing trends with the job volumes being handle,
You seeing any signs of positivity?
Year was a little bit too early to say There are some early signs of green shoots of
Certainly we're seeing that pretty much across the board.
I think it's a sad fact that's pretty about maybe course of
corporate recruiters still on furlough,
so tricky times that.
But we are seeing a return to work,
if not the physical office environment.
You can see I'm in the office here,
but we're still just using our officer's job.
Trainers are hard work.
You can come in and out safely and hats meet once a week.
But we are seeing seeing some signs of green shoots of recovery,
which is a really positive sign.
How high is excellent on in terms of,
obviously the events ofthe this year?
Do you think that's changed the way that the customers air,
using our recruitment technology and engaging suppliers?
without doubt,
I think,
whether you are talking about recruitment of the technology or technology in a general sense,
necessity has been the mother of invention,
if you like.
And it's pushed YSL forward to embrace technology and new and inventive ways.
But it's all the time that we are now spending on team calls or zooms or go to meeting or
what have you were all operating now in a virtual department,
but one as humans?
We still need that sense of Connexion S O technology's pretty being used even
in terms of establishing or supporting human connexion with colleagues
or with candidates or with clients,
whatever it might be.
Positive thing,
I would say on.
Apart from that,
I think,
you know,
if you are working remotely and you're looking at managing a hiring process,
we've got different moving parts and different stakeholders.
Is probably more important now than ever to have a platform where everybody can
access information,
real time that connects it using a mobile device or what have you.
So I think that's actually pushing a lot of people forward to consider implementing recruitment
technology for that very reason so that everybody's off working from the same system record.
They've got access to the same insights,
reporting information in real times.
That's really important.
such a massive shift in how we will do everything,
isn't it?
Absolutely Well,
isn't job's been ringing?
Interesting to tap into your insights today,
if anyone is considering a T s and they'd like to find out more,
is there a web address?
Any contact details you'd like?
we love to talk to you.
So if you even considering innovating or just,
you know,
looking at technology first time,
by all means come in chapters.
Ah website is job trained dot co dot UK from.
They also see,
if you're not looking for technology,
we run weekly webinar sessions and everyone's welcome to join those every Wednesday morning.
11 o'clock,
thank you ever so much for your time on.
Have a great rest of week ever on.
Bye for now.

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Thanks so much.

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