Shelly Elsliger Shares Her Top LinkedIn Tips

By Tony Restell

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We recently had the pleasure of hosting LinkedIn expert Shelly Elsliger on our monthly series of live calls with LinkedIn Experts. The aim of these is to help you to stay up to date with what's working on LinkedIn...

... and to share actionable ideas you can put to use right away to get better results from the LinkedIn platform. Here's the full recording:

Key topics we covered and questions that were addressed include:

  • LinkedIn success is based on mastering the Art of Social Reciprocity, can you expand on this?
  • You are known for the Changemaker Series and the #Decidetobekind campaign, can you tell us more how these two initiatives were key for you and your brand?
  • Opportunity comes from Trust - what are some of your top tips for earning trust on LinkedIn?
  • How can we improve the content that the LinkedIn feed serves us up and make it more relevant?
  • If someone has only 15-30 mins a day to spend on LinkedIn, how would you recommend spending that time?
  • What changes have you noticed with how people are using LinkedIn - and what's working - over the last year or two?
  • Is there any hidden functionality or tips on using LinkedIn that you find most people aren't using or aren't aware of?

A big thank you to Shelly for making the time to do this - and if you know a LinkedIn expert who'd make a great addition to this series of live calls then please do message Tony Restell on LinkedIn.

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