Uncovering The Latest Trends In The IT Recruitment Market

By Tony Restell

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The IT jobs market has remained pretty buoyant throughout the pandemic.

I've now heard this from recruiters in the US, Canada and the UK.

Just recently I had the chance to catch up with Brad Kielinski of IT Pros and we talked about trends that are relevant both to people in the IT industry, but also to recruiters and business leaders generally. I asked:

- How have things been in your market over the last few months and what are your expectations for hiring over the coming months?

- How have companies adapted to the need to work from home? Have they really embraced it - and are their actions mirroring what you're seeing candidates in the market want?

- Long term do you see businesses that orient themselves around a remote working philosophy gaining a competitive edge when it comes to attracting and retaining staff?

I hope you get some great insights from the session.

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Interview Transcript - Uncovering The Latest Trends In The IT Recruitment Market

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delighted to be joined today by Brad Kielinski.
Brad is the founder and the CEO of It pros.
thanks so much for joining us today.
And I guess people would love to know what's been happening in your markets.
It can tell us a little bit about the market.
You serve on the kind trends and things you've been seeing so far this year.
I haven't So we've been saying,
you know,
free pandemic obviously was gangbusters,
which I think stands during this pandemic.
you know,
I would say two months.
It was pretty pretty active When it comes to the people getting
employer scare and letting people go,
we've seen this a lot of unfortunate trimming of people who were on that fence.
They were,
you know,
Maybe on they said,
let's get away with these people.
Or they just weren't in a position,
be financially stable.
So they were a little bit scared,
and people got in a that left what we have still today,
which are,
you know,
people that employed that were shared toe make that movie from the pop
music industry.
Fire Andi fast forward to today Those
people that were scared to make a move because,
you know,
pulled a new coded,
you know,
now is kind of,
you know,
we're still about obviously,
but it's that,
you know,
be scared and move That uncertainty is kind of gone away for most.
now we see how clears their reporter.
That's got to situation.
And I don't quite frankly upset because of the foul things for Nantel.
Or they realized that this really business us place for me on
anymore now looking to make that move.
in today's climate,
which is what we're staying Toso higher ministers picked up what was
is that this staying process that looks up to the market and services in the United
primarily in Philadelphia market.
but the interview process hasn't changed.
It's still takes forever to get through abuse.
It's so you know,
34 rounds of interviews still take on projects.
you know what's crazy?
That companies have an address that classifies maybe three match from
four weeks of time.
They had really pick up some amazing people and in the fact that they're always,
you know,
he's an interview processes that get especially technologists.
So we remain work with software engineers,
develop boats,
product boats up to sea level on that X is still there on hopefully,
you know,
the Celtics will,
you know,
we go away,
these people now getting into a position to realize what a menacing
process it is.
you know,
it is interesting to see how the market has shifted more of a,
you know,
scared model to know.
Let's go back and let's find a better opportunity that that works in
really interesting.
See how it's evolving and remote working?
I guess we'll have played a part as well.
Certainly a lot of recruits are taught to have commented on the fact that candidates in
their market getting used to that.
What are you seeing in the I T world?
So we're on a hole about three months ago.
I have a place like that.
Down is when people were somewhat scary.
Meeting working bone was somewhat new,
but breathe and everyone side talking about endemic.
But I think it's supported her.
Can understand where you know Moosehead.
You know,
there's always been a conflict from employers on,
As 100% Ramon.
50 50.
The four days,
three days,
two days,
one day Whatever.
Maybe work from home or no,
some people do enjoy the office,
but we run a full.
For months ago,
I was ST 100 people I'm reading on like that on 800 people
on these people were business owners,
mainly technologists that,
you answered the question.
100% work from home.
It should work preference postcode in 19 5% work from home.
34% through a four days.
Work from home was 37% one in two days,
working almost 26%.
But I think the eye opener for employers at least is 100% in the
office was 3%.
it's almost if I ask this question to the owners of businesses
and it's important because last night I asked the owner,
and but my company's been working remotely for 1.5 years now,
but I get it because they've invested in the space.
A lot of these companies that put a lot of money,
you to the space,
and they don't want to lose that investment.
So that's why I think you're such a big time getting people in the office.
But also certain owners think it creates a better bolster and having a spirit.
You know,
some people will call it a.
This is our family.
You can't have a family member who wants to do health.
It's not understanding expected.
But when the market is saying something differently,
that's why these roles are open for 3456 plus months.
I don't know.
People understand.
Sometimes even a year on people are vaccine.
this is a lie.
This is one of the primary reasons,
That's why this thesis such a yeah,
the mess and also matched with these long,
crazy interview processes on I get it.
I mean,
you know,
we have waiting for success when the process is,
you know,
three rounds of interviews,
unless on and going after this to this work reference,
what was fixing it when we actually opened up Bullets?
Seok who actually you know who wants 100% you know,
office working in the office on It's a mixed bag.
It's entry level to C E.
On the same thing goes for,
you know,
the 1% from bones like person.
So there's really no rhyme or reason.
As Teoh,
the level of of individual comes down to the personal situation that
individuals in the today still live at home with parents needy,
you know,
they live in a harms our house with people,
you know,
maybe just a noisy and say I But for most people,
you know,
they're looking for flexibility,
and I think that's what I wanna know.
Not that's that's what's clear the smoothness everywhere here.
So if we expanded that Brad over So you have a great overview of the
whole market and employers maybe,
just see,
you know their interactions with candidates without seeing the bigger picture.
What would be things you would advise clients to focus on if they're trying to
attract the best talent right now?
Is he reducing the time to make an offer,
adding in some degree of remote working to the degree that's that's being saw and any
other things that you would draw attention to?
we want all the time,
although all the folks we speak Teoh and it's clear that you know from experience is number
one in the government.
At this point,
it's that has been fed up with,
quite frankly admitted,
that this lack of transparency,
transparency on salaries like transparency on benefits like
transparency on your left,
the old hotel group it understanding a full picture
you know,
most companies are looking for your top talent.
Everyone says it's just a school for use and exhausting.
But the ones you know,
it's a shuffling for these people,
So every month they could find to get groceries now has been a sit there,
and it's gonna be in,
or it's going to step to throw it away.
I mean,
this is not the best analogy,
but let's say he's a really good use it.
It's a really good apple,
That was gonna be snatched up quickly.
And if you have 456 weeks of interviews,
I can tell you I will guarantee that people watching us that at 567 rounds they're going on a
date gone through headaches,
losing people.
But it's just the transparency is also the feedback in nature of a few.
If they're not being selected,
you know,
tell them at least something you want to say exactly is another some legal issues,
but you really transparency coming down in your view process.
You understand what you need from the start.
I can't tell you how many searches,
something we get on.
And you need this this this and this and this and this is a mess.
And then we give them all that they see.
One has one more thing of this and then now they wanna I'm all of that again.
And if you think that you re start the whole process over,
which is which is listen,
we would not be in visits.
There wouldn't be a recruiting company in the world of you.
Visit stiff if our managers Not this and that's why it's professional
But really,
it's it's offering proper benefits,
flexible work schedule work from home options
on do no understanding,
what the group it is and what the future of the company is.
You're telling about the best president future again that comes down and transparency,
and I think a lot of companies just saying Let's put the job.
Let's see what?
Let's see what we get.
And from there they even they'll hire someone from their anything.
We did a great job filled that role.
But there's this whole world that exists,
you know,
behind just a job or that you get a whole bunch of different data,
interesting points and the whole different level of cancer out there.
Because I will tell you,
you know,
the majority people that we place not against the active job seeker,
but companies are spending 2030 40 50 plus $1000.
They want someone that stopped their game on.
Sometimes that isn't at the top secret,
but in most cases,
in our case,
it's it's over 95%.
The person is working.
So you have to take that person out,
and most days that they have a really good job,
really good.
They're gonna get a counter off her.
You gotta be prepared for this things and not just offer five bringing more with Mickey today opened your
that person.
So there's a few things that employers todo to get on the right track.

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