What Candidates Should Focus On For Job Search Success

By Tony Restell

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Chris Giles InterviewI recently had the opportunity to interview Chris Giles of The Faktori. Our overriding topic - what should candidates focus on to ensure job search success?

Chris is really driven to help jobseekers feel more upbeat, overcome any feelings of despair, be more inspired and generally know what to do to succeed.

In this short video he shares ideas on things including

  • how to reach out to people effectively
  • what to focus on as the right activities to succeed
  • how to make the whole job search process more like a sales process

For everyone out there looking for a new job, or fearing you may soon need to look for a new job, I very much hope these ideas help - and good luck!

Watch the full interview

Here's the full video, a transcript of which follows underneath


Really excited today to be joined by Chris Giles, who's the founder of The Faktori.

Chris has a real passion for helping people figure out how to be more successful in their job search.

How to treat it as more of a sales exercise.

So Chris, thanks ever so much for joining us today, great to have you on.

Thank you so much for having me, Tony. It's a real pleasure.

Excellent. Do want to just tell people a little bit about you and your business?

Just by way of context.

Sure, just for introduction.

Thank you so much for allowing me to be on this and I think it's so important at this time what you're doing to help people, sharing information.

So let me give you a little bit of context to who I am, and then we'll jump into it.

I've been a serial entrepreneur, and as I realized I was helping people to build their careers or for that matter, helping companies and helping their employees, I realized how important it was for people to end up in the right spot.

So we created The Faktori, the name of the company signifies what we're looking to do.

We changed the name from factory F-A-C to F-A-K because we realized that people needed more knowledge.

The more knowledge that people had the more comfortable and powerful they were.

We changed the "Y" to an "I" because it was all about how each individual was their own factory.

So within that, we did everything we can and we are to this day with training and recruiting to try and help people be in the right spots.

Including I might add, a digital resume we created called persona - that's personacv.com

And it's the idea that the resume, which was created by Leonardo da Vinci in I think it was 1842 is long gone.

We need to move on to this digital age where things like this and we share information.

I'm here to support others as they grow their career, because I feel I have the ability to help them from my successes to build their successes.

That's a little bit about me.

Fantastic. Thank you.

I know when I talk to candidates, one of the things that people seem to really struggle with is how to reach out to people effectively.

How do you do that?

For a lot of people, it feels like it's outside their comfort zone.

Do you have some tips and suggestions around that side of things?

Well, as you mentioned, I feel that getting a job is like doing sales and so in sales, we understand that the negative or objection that's placed is obviously going to be there.

And I think the first thing I'd ask candidates to do, especially now is to recognize that and therefore the number one thing you want to do is place yourself in the right job that you should be.

Your application of you to that job is exactly what they're looking for.

So they're looking for you and you're looking for them.

And number two is in terms of the reach outs, respectful, consistent and with some information that's going to help the other person.

If your compassion is not for them, then they won't really see the need to take on another person they have to manage.

They want you to manage you coming in.

That's what I would say to them.

So you could communicate as much as possible, but it's always the idea that respect to them.

Absolutely, and that holding out to act autonomously and take responsibility for yourself.

I'm hearing that from so many recruiters at the moment.

I think it's a real characteristic of our time.

We're all in this together, but we are all individual units in this together.

And so, therefore it would be like a tug of war and it's us against COVID

I guess at this point in time, before it was us against your mortgage or it was us against now we have the mortgage and COVID so everybody's going and you could think about that pulling and you've seen that image of a tug of war and the minutes if somebody walked away from the line that you know, it's not going to work.

And I think it's most important you as a job searcher as a candidate out there that's listening.

Sell yourself.

Be aware of where your strengths are.

Don't worry about your weaknesses.

Find your strengths and those will overcome your weaknesses and put yourself in a spot to help the other company and therefore all of these things seem easier.


So if you were advising a candidate on what they should focus on right now in order to succeed in their job search, what would be the kinds of activities you would be recommending?

Well, I think it goes back to the sales process and I'll be consistent with this because I think it will help.

We've only got a short time.

Let's be focused on exactly what we want to do, search the right opportunities that fit us.

So make sure we search out those companies and we research them and understand them.

Read about their "about us", know their website. Look at their Founders.

Are you going be able to speak the same language?

Then once you target, now you're targeting specifically a person within that company.

It is okay to reach out to somebody and understand who the parties are in that company using LinkedIn and tools of this nature.

But then once you do that, maybe you might want to ask some different people in the organization.

If you could ask about the organization. They might be able to explain it.

So, therefore, when you talk to that target person, you already have some information.

And as you're going through the opportunity of trying to sell yourself, think about that logically.

And don't try and push on, I have a black shirt, I have guitars, I have this.

You will like me.

But more, I think I understand from your ad and what you're looking for, and I think I comprise those talents that you're looking for.

I'd love the opportunity to discuss whether my fit and your fit will allow us both to be successful.

So the language is always about them being successful with your addition to the team and every conversation should lead to something.

If you get no response back, you need to improve your communication.

It's that simple.

So sales is an exercise in trying to have the person help.

And I see sales, not as selling something but as helping your customer to buy, and in this case, it's helping the customer in this case, the hiring person.

Understand who you are as a candidate and how you can help them, and I think whoever you are, whether you're a computer programmer, a sales person, a general manager or a president, whatever area of the spectrum you're falling in, you know you and you should know where you fit and if you're lousy, fix that stuff.

But most people aren't lousy they're pretty great.

So I think it's just about packaging the sale, building your brand and proposing it.

There's so much we could talk to, but we only got 10 minutes, so I'll be careful.

And I know you believe very strongly in making the whole job search process a lot more like a sales process. Any other areas that you would sort of draw that parallel and you'd advise people to focus on?

Data collection, certainly data collection.

So I would certainly work with an Excel spreadsheet or something of that nature,

maybe even an online tool that would allow you to be able to manage that.

It's funny people would communicate with me and my previous companies and would like a job, and they didn't get the job.

It was always funny.

I had two people call me back after the interview and said, I want to work for you at some point in time.

And of those two people, only one of them ever called me back and he called me back in six months.

He goes, I still feel the same way I did.

The other guy just said it because he needed the job.

But the one guy said it cause he wanted it and he ended up working for me, Okay?

And so even if let's say you want that job and they don't give it to you, they're going to be hiring unless you're going for the president of the bank and there's one president.

He's going to be there for five years.

If you're going for a most people's position, which is - there's 50 I would describe it at any point in time within 50 miles of you.

Then you make sure you let them know I'm coming back.

I want to watch you.

In the Excel spreadsheet, you can put in the links for the jobs, you can put your comments for jobs, and the activities you've done.

You create a simple spreadsheet that can be used to gather the right information that suits you and suits what you're thinking about. That way you will feel progress.

That way you'll feel like you're moving somewhere, and at the same time, you have all those emails and contacts all in one space...

So you can go back and contact.

That's sales. Sales, all about being organized, all about being... accepting that you have to take some rejections in order to get to a success.

And I know job seekers that sort of set themselves up to be able to track that performance and feel like they are achieving something, even when it might feel like they are not, can really help.

And the last thing I would say is people always want feedback.

I always felt they wanted feedback, and that's part of it.

And I think you should give your own feedback after you've finished your interview.

That's one of the things.

What did you think?

In other words, how bad did I think is really was. I didn't tell you good things.

I didn't tell you, you were coming back. So it's not good.

I think you should give your own feedback, and that should be stored in an Excel spreadsheet as well, and you'll notice I didn't bring my energy.

I didn't bring this. Next time I'm talking to Tony, Tony's going to feel my energy.

I want him to feel that that's not fair, that I came in down, and tired, and hungover.

I don't know.

I wouldn't know if I'd hire me.

One more thing I used in Excel spreadsheet too, is I broke it down into, three columns and I wrote down communication and I rank myself from 1 to 5.

I wrote it down on my execution.

How well did I answer?

How much was I able to execute for them and how much was the relationship?

And I measured those on 1 to 5 to think about those.

Those are the three things they're going to hire you on.

They'll teach you about the company, but they won't be able to fix those three things.

Chris, some really fantastic advice today.

Thanks ever so much for your time.

If people would like to find out more or contact you, is there a web address or would you like people to message you on LinkedIn?


I would say for anybody out there searching for a job, check out www.personacv.com and make up your own digital resume.

Jump in the new world, that'll get you a job when you send over three videos and some information about yourself and number two is, www.thefaktori.com

You'll probably put it in the notes, I'm sure of it, but I think for everybody out there, persevere.

Be strong. It's your world, you control it.

Be your pilot.

Thank you so much, Tony.

Terrific. Thanks a lot for your time.

Thank you.

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