The Social Media Cheat Sheet!

By Tony Restell

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When deciding how to use Social Media in your business, it's important to be flexible and to be constantly testing what's working and what's not. What's effective for one brand - or one area of a business - many not be so effective for another. Your social recruiting approaches for example will differ from those that are most effective for say your customer services team.

Having said that, the single biggest leaps forward you will make in your deployment of social media will be when you look at what's working best for other social media users and adapt your own activities accordingly.

That's why I thought this infographic - which I've dubbed "The Social Media Cheat Sheet" - was highly worth sharing with you. Print yourself off a copy and pin it to your wall. When you're next posting to social networks, have a quick look to see what you might do differently to leverage this best practice knowledge.

Some ideas - like the importance of images and the power of prompting interaction - are pretty universal across social media. Others you'll see are platform specific.

I genuinely hope these pointers prove helpful - and if you've others you'd care to share (most notably for LinkedIn which is omitted here) please do add as comments below.

The Social Media Cheat Sheet

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How You Can Create the
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