5 Best Image Optimization Tools to Resize Images for Digital Marketing

By Gaurav Sharma

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Images play an essential role in digital marketing. They affect how visitors interact with the content on your website and social media pages. 

Unlike text, images are easy to understand and convey a lot of information at a go. And with attention spans declining, you want to have more visual assets on your website and social media than text. 

In a recent Venngage study, 51.4% of marketers said that 91 - 100% of their content is visual. This proves just how vital images are if you want to succeed with digital marketing. 

Image via Venngage

However, before you publish your images, you must optimize them for the platform. This article shares the best image optimization tools to resize images for visual marketing

The Importance of Image Optimization

Before we go over the best image optimization tools, let’s first understand the need for image optimization. You’ve probably heard from multiple sources that you must optimize your images before publishing them online. But why is it important to do so?

Here’s why:

It Improves Page Your Load Speed

Page load speed refers to how long a web page takes to load completely. Large, unoptimized images will slow down your website because they require more resources to load your pages.

Optimizing your images with the best image optimization tools will ensure they load quickly. 

It Enhances the User Experience

Your website doesn’t provide the best experience for users when the pages take too long to load and this could see them leave the site altogether. 

A recent study found that 9.6% of visitors leave a page when it takes 2 seconds to load. The bounce rate increases to 32.3% when the page speed is 7 seconds. 

Image via Section

By using the best image optimization tools, you can make your website load faster and provide your visitors with the best experience. 

It’s Good for SEO

Search engines love websites that load faster. If you want to improve your SEO ranking, then you need to use the best image optimization tools to improve your page load speed. 

The Best Image Optimization Tools for Your Business

Here are the best image optimization tools to resize your images and optimize them for different channels. 

1. TinyImage by Attrock

Image via Attrock

TinyImage is one of the best image optimization tools to resize images for your website and social media pages. The tool is a browser-based image optimizer, meaning you don’t have to download and install anything to resize your images. 

Moreover, the tool is easy to use and will compress any file you upload in seconds. TinyImage stands out from other image optimization tools because it reduces the size of your image without any loss in quality. 

The tool is free and allows you to compress up to 5 images simultaneously. There’s also an unlimited plan for those with bulk image compression needs. 


  • Free
  • For the bulk plan, the price is available on request

2. Image Resizer by Influencer Marketing Hub

Image via Influencer Marketing Hub

Influencer Marketing Hub has a fantastic image resizer that’s one of the best image optimization tools for your digital marketing campaigns

The tool is handy for your social media campaigns, allowing you to resize and optimize images for different social media platforms. 

The social media platform sizes supported by the tool include:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

The tool is free to use and comes with filters you can use to enhance your images.


  • Free

3. Adobe Image Resizer

Image via Adobe

Want to make your images smaller, horizontal, or vertical? Adobe has one of the best image optimization tools to resize and adjust your images to your desired dimensions in seconds. 

The straightforward tool allows you to resize your image in three simple steps. After uploading your image, you can choose an optimization template based on the social media platform to which you’ll upload the image. 

You can also add custom dimensions if you upload the image on other platforms besides popular social networks. The tool has a free plan with basic editing features and a premium plan with advanced features. 


  • Free
  • Premium plan: Price available on request

4. Landscape by Sprout Social

Image via Sprout Social

Landscape is one of social media's best image optimization tools. The tool allows you to resize and optimize your images for any social media network. 

For example, if you want to resize your image for your Instagram Story, you can select the exact template from the available options, and the tool will do the rest. 

The templates save you a lot of time, allowing social media marketers to concentrate on issues such as building connections with their followers. 


  • Free

5. Promo Image Resizer

Image via Promo

The Promo image resizer is a powerful tool offering many image customization options. You can reduce the file size to make your images lighter for your website. 

You can also resize them to fit the dimensions of different social media platforms. The tool lets you choose as many image sizes as possible, thus saving you a lot of time and effort. 

And if that’s enough, you can also convert your images into a video for different purposes, such as on Instagram Reels or as a YouTube thumbnail. 


  • Free

Choose the Best Image Optimization Tools for Your Marketing Campaigns

Optimizing your images is essential to improve your digital marketing efforts. Properly optimizing images makes them look good on the platform they have been published on and also ensures they load quickly. 

Use the best image optimization tools listed in this post to provide visitors with the best user experience and optimize your content for search engines. 

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