5 Social Media Marketing Facts Crucial for a Successful Marketing Campaign

By Alex Slichniy

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It’s a no-brainer that social media should be an integral part of a successful digital marketing campaign. But simply posting on your social media accounts frequently is not enough. Your actions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other websites need to be structured and planned in advance.

Social media trends change every year (sometimes even faster), so it’s hard to stay up to date and know the most important things to focus on. Investing more time and effort into fewer things will yield better results than investing all of your time and money on everything you can think of.

That said, here are some social media facts that you need to take into account if you want to get more visitors, more leads, and improved conversions.


The Type of Content You Share on Facebook Matters

Posting regularly on Facebook will tell people that you are committed to what you are doing and that your business is active. However, according to data, you should not create any type of posts. Namely, blog posts longer than 1,500 words usually receive 22.6% more likes

Such posts usually cover topics in more detail, which means that readers love content that adds value. Instead of writing light and short blog posts and sharing them on Facebook several times a week, try to create something that your readers will love, use, and share.


Images and Time Are Important

Apart from writing longer blog posts that add value and sharing them on Facebook, you should also add images. It is estimated that images account for 75-90% of Facebook advertising effectiveness, which is huge.

Moreover, the time of the day when you post content matters a lot as well. The best time to post on Facebook is weekdays between 1 PM and 3 PM. That’s the time when the largest number of users are active.


Twitter Loves Videos More Than Images

If you decide to base your social media marketing campaign on Twitter, you should do it with videos. According to stats, tweets with videos get six times more retweets than those containing images. 

That does not mean that all of your tweets should have photos. Vary between photos, videos, and plain text. However, try to add a video from time to time to boost your exposure. 


Twitter Can Help You Reach the Rest of the World

If you don’t own a local business but provide services or products that the rest of the world could benefit from, then Twitter is your friend. This social media platform is popular in the United States, but it has four times as many users internationally as in the US. 

Therefore, if you want to create a strong international brand, make sure to focus on increasing the number of followers, engagements, and retweets on your Twitter profile. 


75% of Instagram Users Take Action

A lot of businesses use Instagram posts and Instagram Stories to get their followers to take action. This action can be many different things, including visiting an online store and purchasing a product or subscribing to a service. If you choose to take our advice and use Instagram, you should post photos with faces more frequently as they get 38% more likes. 

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