6 Actionable Tactics to Up Your Social Media Marketing Game

By Gaurav Belani

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According to Statista, more than 4.26 billion active social media users in the digital space spend 2.45 hours on social channels every day. This growth in social media users, and the time they spend on social platforms, makes for huge opportunities for businesses to build brand awareness, attract quality leads, and nurture customer relationships.

As a small business owner, you might be already investing in social media marketing campaigns. However, gaining traction can be difficult considering your limited resources and the growing number of competitors you may be facing who are active in this space.

In this post, you'll find six actionable tactics to refine your social media marketing game for success.

1. Use Q&A Portals Like Reddit and Quora to Gauge Audience Interests

Gaining a deep understanding of your target audience's interests and motivations can help build a highly engaging and successful social media strategy. You can leverage these audience insights to create informative and helpful content that taps into peoples’ pain points and offers them solutions, thereby nurturing authentic connections with them.

With over 48 million and 300 million respective users, social sharing platforms Reddit and Quora can be gold mines to discover what your target audience is interested in. These platforms allow users, including thought leaders and industry experts, to submit content in the form of text, videos, and imagery, which readers can vote on, downvote, and discuss.

Unlike other Q&A portals and platforms where content gets buried, the knowledge shared on Reddit and Quora is valuable and evergreen. 

What are the best ways to use Quora and Reddit to gauge audience interests? 

  • Listen Actively: Create an account on these portals by adding authentic credentials such as your name, brand's name, position, link to your website, and more. Start your journey by actively listening to what your niche-specific community of users is discussing. Learn about the type of solutions they are searching for.
  • Answer Questions with Authenticity: Once you observe what your target audience likes and dislikes, start interacting with them by answering their questions genuinely. Sharing helpful and informative answers will increase your popularity on the platforms. As a result, users may consider visiting your website, and thus, you will be able to fetch quality traffic and leads. 
  • Perform Market Research: Understand and analyze users' perspectives to gauge their pain points and requirements. Customizing your product offerings to meet their needs can help scale your brand. 
  • Observe Users' Feedback: Comments, upvotes, and downvotes can help you understand your content's performance. If your content is helpful, you will receive positive feedback and traffic.

If you fail to gain traction here, consider these potential failure points: 

  • What is the root cause of negative comments/downvotes? 
  • Is your content factually correct, devoid of promotional language, and error-free?
  • Do your answers meet user intent?

Quality content creation takes massive time and effort. If you are an SMB with limited resources, you can count on tools like CrawlIQ.ai to create niche-focused and unique content for Reddit and Quora. 


This advanced AI powerhouse researches and identifies your target audience and automatically creates content to engage with them.

2. Humanize Your Brand Voice for Meaningful Connections

Customers trust the businesses with whom they can connect and relate. So, brands that sound mechanical while communicating with prospects, leads, or customers may fail to earn customers' trust and lose loyal customers.

Humanizing your brand voice can help build a relatable, approachable, and trustworthy business entity that feels like a human and strives toward building a meaningful relationship with customers. Whether posting content or interacting with the audience on social media, humanizing your tone ensures engaging conversation and imbibes a sense of trust between your brand and audience, thereby nurturing long-term relationships.

Here are a few tips that'll help humanize your brand voice.

  • Inspiring, sophisticated, or funny - how would you like to showcase your brand to the target audience? Create a unique brand personality that resonates with your target audience. 

Notice the friendly and engaging personality of Uber Eats that has contributed to their rapid growth. 


  • Post your team's birthday celebration images, fun outing videos, or other behind-the-scenes content to let the audience understand your company's culture. 
  • Embrace storytelling while creating content to grab the audience's attention.

For instance, observe how the Italian Shoe Factory uses storytelling to highlight its products' benefits. 


  • Make sure your voice is consistent throughout all your posts.

3. Partner with the Right Influencer 

Influencers are social media personalities who create valuable content on niche topics to engage their audience. Investing in influencer marketing can help brands maximize their social media followings and brand awareness.

The key to generating the best outcomes with influencer marketing is ensuring that the influencer's content and fan base align with the brand's core value. So, to leverage the power of influencer marketing campaigns, brands need to conduct effective outreach and find the right partner. 

Having recently joined forces with the leading content creation tool developer Lightricks, Popular Pays is an all-in-one platform that streamlines influencer discovery, content creation and impact measurement strategies. 


Whether you are a startup or enterprise brand, Popular Pays software can help you with:

  • Discovering relevant influencers and content creators using effective search parameters and surface-rich profiles.
  • Collaborating at scale, commissioning sponsored posts and custom creative assets.
  • Tracking influencer marketing campaign performance on a centralized platform.

One great example of how influencer marketing can boost brand engagement and visibility can be seen in the strategy used by Chameleon Cold-Brew. Launched in 2010, this cold-brew coffee company partnered with Popular Pays to create a consistent and high-quality stream of content that showcased their cold-brew products. 

They partnered with the right influencers and seamlessly managed them to consistently boost brand awareness, gaining another million followers per month over a long period. 

4. Venture into Twitter Voice to Expand Your Reach

With over 229 million active users and 350,000 new tweets emerging on Twitter every minute, building strong engagement on this social media platform can be daunting. However, the recently rolled out voice Tweet option by Twitter, which allows iOS app users to share voice snippets of audio, can serve as a golden opportunity to reach a massive audience.

The reason? Customers value companies that maintain authentic identity, and voice tweets can help you create the right brand personality by making the experience feel real.

Here's how voice tweets work: 

  • Record audio clip up to 140 seconds. For longer tweets, it starts recording a new voice tweet automatically.
  • Click the "Done" button to finish the audio recording. 
  • Share your voice tweet from the composer screen like a regular text tweet.

For instance, check out the following audio tweet by @thegadgetmonkey to understand how it works.


To build a better brand engagement, ensure recording voice tweets that match your business goals. You can even include slogans or CTAs to reinforce your brand messaging. Furthermore, replying to users' tweets with audio can make their experience more personalized and enjoyable, thereby boosting your brand engagement. 

5. Run AMA (Ask Me Anything) Events for High Engagement

Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions enable brands to interact with their audience in real-time, allowing them to address queries regarding their products, services, and more. 

These events have gained popularity on all leading social networks as they help brands engage with the audiences without spending hefty amounts while maintaining greater transparency about their brand. When conducted wisely, AMA sessions can help businesses establish a personal connection with prospects and existing customers without being pushy.

Follow the shared tips to conduct engaging AMA sessions.

  • Invite an expert speaker to conduct the event. Make sure they know about your products and services and understand the company's vision. 
  • Make an announcement on social media platforms regarding the AMA event by stating details like the date, speaker, topic, and more. Get participants to submit questions one day or a couple of hours before the event.

For instance, see how DataVLT announced its AMA session on Twitter and invited audiences to share their questions by using the hashtag #AskDVLTAnything.


Branded hashtags like these can help measure your audience's response, thereby showcasing their interest in the upcoming session. 

Reach out to your sales team to identify the key pain points of the audience by analyzing their queries. Sharing this information with the speaker can help them provide a better customer experience.

6. Track Your Audience's Comments for Fresh Content Ideas

Comments can be a crucial metric to define whether your social media strategy is working or not. People’s comments can help you gauge what works for them and what factors need to be improved in the social sphere. This way, you can create an informed content strategy. 

The key here is to encourage your audience to comment on your posts and share their opinion about your content. 

Often, the brands that receive the most comments have the following attributes: 

  • Quality Content: Brands that regularly post informative and helpful content have engaged, interactive followings.
  • Good Etiquette: Social media marketers who respond politely usually receive more comments and traction on their posts. 

For example, notice how Kencko's team addresses their audience's comments. Such social media etiquette can help brands go a long way.


  • Positive Feedback: Positive feedback imbibes a sense of trust in users. No wonder, brands that receive positive feedback for their products attain high engagement on social media. 

Make sure you post quality content, maintain good etiquette, and encourage users to share positive feedback by providing them with best-in-class services. 

Count on tools like Hootsuite and BuzzSumo to track and analyze what your audience is saying about your brand and create a winning social media presence. 

Check out this post to learn about more advanced social media automation tools.


More than just a networking space, social media has become a pivotal instrument to boost a brand's visibility, engagement, and ultimately, ROI in the long term. Attempting to refine your social media game in the sea of countless brands can seem overwhelming. But implementing the shared tactics can get the ball rolling. 

So, use the tactics shared here to build a loyal fan base and grow your brand organically. Need more guidance on levelling up your social media presence? Book a call with the experienced team of Social Hire. We are a social media marketing agency that genuinely cares about creating results for our clients by helping them finesse social media strategy at cost-effective prices.

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