7 Ways to Engage Your Employees With Content Marketing

By Ray O’Donnell

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The saying "content is king" is probably familiar to you, and companies are rightfully milking content for several reasons. Data indicates that the content marketing market reached 63 billion dollars in 2022. Based on the most recent projections, the business is expected to reach 107 billion dollars by 2026. Keeping up with the current and emerging trends is essential for staying competitive in content marketing.

Good content is the way to go, regardless of your engagement goal—sales, leads, conversions, or clicks. However, it takes more than just quality content. A good team of skilled and creative marketers is needed to succeed in content marketing. Thus, you must have efficient content marketing strategies to ensure the information reaches the intended audience. One of the easiest and best ways to ensure your content is not lost in pipelines is to seek your staff's assistance.

In this blog post, we'll discuss what content marketing engagement is and how to get your employee members involved in the process.

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What Is Content Marketing Engagement?

A content marketing engagement is a strategy that describes how your staff members can increase your brand's visibility through various platforms. The individuals who work for your company daily are the ones who understand its brand and image the best. Employers who empower their employees to produce and distribute content give their business a human face.

In most cases, employees are an underutilized resource for creating and distributing content. Including them in your content marketing will boost internal engagement and instill a sense of brand ownership and pride in your staff. It will also help improve and broaden your content's reach and impact.

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How to Engage Employees with Content Marketing [7 Strategies]

Employees learn new skills and become involved in internal communication when you include them in your content plan. Engaging employees with content marketing strategies can help them collaborate with other departments to develop material for the company's social networks. Let's look at ways to engage employees with content marketing:

Ask employees to create and share company content

Many workers already use social media, and some participate in and follow online discussions regularly. You may increase your social media presence and loyalty by encouraging employees to share your brand's story and message. Employees' ability and willingness to easily post approved company content on their social media accounts can have enormous positive effects. This way, the content will reach the audience authentically and fast.

Employees can use their personal Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles to help advertise your company.

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Give them incentives

Employee engagement in content strategy typically starts rather actively but eventually declines. It usually happens when the campaign does not perform as expected, or employees do not see continuing motivation to contribute to the activity.

Companies can encourage people by establishing a points system to rank contributions. You may reward the person with the most "points" each month with a gift card or small cash award. To help keep everyone on track, make a content calendar or publishing schedule.

Content sharing will boost visibility, which will probably result in more sales. This increase in revenue should be directed to all contributors in the form of bonuses and pay increases.

Ask for their feedback 

Different employees have unique, yet insightful, views of your company's market positioning. Thus, seek their opinions or feedback on something that hasn't been released yet or ask for suggestions for future content. They are the people who know your company the best, so appreciate their opinions highly, even across various divisions. Having additional views while developing content is always beneficial, and it's an excellent way to include staff members in the marketing strategy.

Additionally, as employees are the ones who understand customers' wants and needs the best, this method is extra beneficial. Urge employees to interact with consumers and share what consumers want or do not want from the business. These points can provide guidance, suggestions, and innovative content ideas to discuss.

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Recognize them publicly

Inform employees how their efforts have influenced your content marketing strategies and initiatives. Announce the initiative's successful outcomes and benefits, including increased leads and sales or favorable product evaluations and ratings. This practice will encourage them to keep up the momentum of their brand-building initiatives.

Go above and beyond simply thanking employees for a job well done with an email. Your employees will indeed feel appreciated if you publicly acknowledge or tag them in a status post or tweet. Sharing such team-appreciating content encourages employees to tell their friends and family about the campaign, which increases brand awareness and fosters goodwill among the workforce. It acts as social proof of employees' hard work and makes employees emotionally attached to the campaign and the company.

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Encourage employee involvement in new product launches

Produce shareable social media posts for every new campaign or launch and ask for employees' help spreading the word. Send out an internal announcement as soon as the content for your launch campaign is prepared. Give your team information about the launch and any campaign-specific rewards. The involvement will make employees feel like essential parts of the launch.

Moreover, here's an idea for thanking employees for their creative contribution to the campaign. Involve your creative teams in organizing the content creation for your employee engagement programs. This strategy may differ slightly from the launch material you produce for your social media platforms. Offer your employees something they will be thrilled to discuss or share socially.

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Start a blog series featuring your employees

People connect with people, not brands. Customers prefer to hear directly from actual individuals rather than from generic sales campaigns. Employee spotlights are an effective means of sharing narratives from employees' viewpoints. These spotlights may be incredibly effective when fostering loyalty and trust among coworkers and clients.

Organize an internal podcast, publish their views on the company's blog, or get them involved in producing user-generated content for your channels through video. Seeing their name beneath an infographic or post will make your employees feel valued and motivated.

Encourage participation

Using social media effectively is challenging (read: competitive). There are platforms that not everyone is familiar with. In such a situation, everyone will look to you for guidance on distributing content and increasing interaction. It is your responsibility to be the first to share content, like and comment on posts made by staff members, and offer moral support.

Summing Up

Employees are a company's most valuable resource, especially the ones who genuinely care about the company's success. Thus, brand marketers must have every advantage to stay ahead of the curve and the competition. The people working for the company will give you the edge you need to keep your content marketing strategy interactive, effective, human, and up-to-date.

Including employees in your marketing can be a powerful way to build stronger relationships with your target market. Hopefully, these ways will allow you to explore fresh possibilities to engage employees with content marketing.

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  1. How can companies utilize social media to develop a customer-service culture and boost employee engagement?

Campaigns for employee engagement may be internal, external, or both. Employees can participate by "taking over" the company's social media accounts and posting there or by posting to their accounts using a unique brand hashtag.

  1. What are some blockers that stop employees from sharing content?

Many barriers may keep your employees from sharing as much content as possible. These challenges include not having enough time, not understanding the importance of sharing content, not having enough confidence, and more. 

  1. Which kinds of content can employees assist with?

Composing content for social media platforms or the company blog, podcasts, or video content; interviews; professional literature collections; training courses; or blogs are some of the content employees can assist with.

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