8 Stellar Ways to Generate High-Quality B2B Leads on LinkedIn

By Ray O’Donnell

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Generating high-quality B2B leads is not an easy feat. You need to follow a certain framework and implement effective strategies to generate more leads for your business. 

Did you know that 61% of B2B marketers say that quality lead generation is their biggest challenge yet? Yes, marketers are struggling to generate leads, so now they’re implementing different strategies to collect more sales leads, one of them being social media. 

When we talk about social media lead generation, there’s one channel that is capable of getting you some great leads.  

Yes, I'm talking about LinkedIn. This is a platform where you’ll find the majority of professionals and decision-makers of companies, hence LinkedIn needs to be in your lead generation strategy. 

Importance of LinkedIn for generating quality B2B leads 

You must be wondering, there are many social media platforms, so why should you mainly focus on LinkedIn when it comes to lead generation? 

Well, LinkedIn 63 million LinkedIn users are in decision-making roles, so it’s easier to reach out to them directly and put forth your value proposition. 

In fact, a study conducted by HubSpot shows that LinkedIn is the best network for lead generation. You can check the below graph for a comparison on how the reach of LinkedIn surpasses other platforms.  

Image via Hubspot.com 

Therefore, it’s essential to start leveraging the vast network of LinkedIn for generating high-quality B2B leads for your company. 

Whether you’re already using LinkedIn for lead generation, or just starting out, the next section of this article can help you discover more ways to generate B2B leads & sales on LinkedIn

8 ways to generate B2B leads on LinkedIn 

 Marketers have already started leveraging LinkedIn’s platform to generate quality leads, and so should you! 

So, below I have listed the most effective ways to generate B2B leads for any business. 

1.     Create an impactful company profile 

The first requirement of attracting leads is to have an attractive LinkedIn company profile. Your company profile should reflect your values and vision. 

So, whenever a visitor lands on your company profile, they should get a clear idea about your company’s value proposition. 

Your company profile should have a clear brand logo, complete description a clear and distinct CTA to stand out among others. 

And when it comes to the “About us” section, you need to be very specific and create a compelling description of your company. Moreover, the company’s location and contact details also need to be updated timely, so you’re easily reachable.  Also, you can create slideshows about your company's work culture and share them on websites, social profiles, and other platforms.

These small changes can help you create a lasting first impression on your visitors, and eventually, it’ll help you generate more quality B2B leads.  

2.     Focus on the LinkedIn presence of your employees 

 Along with your company profile, it’s equally important to pay heed to the personal profiles of your executives. 

If your executive’s LinkedIn profile is strong, you can ask them to share your company updates and events to get better reach. This practice can help you attract more leads and increase your engagement. 

Therefore, don’t dive directly into aggressive marketing for collecting leads. First, start with asking your executives and marketing managers to engage more with your company profile so their mutual connections will also notice it.  

3.     Put efforts into growing your connections 

 LinkedIn is all about connecting with like-minded people and developing lasting relations.  

On LinkedIn, each connection introduces you to an average of 400 people. Well, that’s a lot of potential leads! 

For any sort of engagement on LinkedIn, you need to grow your network and start making connections with your target audience.  

When you have high connections, your posts and company updates will reach more people and eventually get you high-quality leads for your business. 

4.     Create and share relatable content 

 If a person is searching for a product or service on LinkedIn, they’ll prefer the one that helps solve their pain points. 

Therefore, when you’re posting anything on LinkedIn, ensure that it resonates with your target audience. It’s always worth investing time in analyzing customers’ behavior and their buying journey. 

For example, if you have CRM software, you can post about the challenges managers and business owners face that don’t use CRM. And once you have them hooked, you can present your product as a solution. 

This will help you gather high-quality leads that are actually interested in purchasing your product/service. 

5.     Join groups of similar niches 

 One of the best ways of network and generating leads is to join LinkedIn Groups.  

You will find a specific group for every purpose, and that includes generating leads as well. Therefore, join the groups where other marketers and decision-makers are highly active, engage with the relevant posts or share relevant posts to increase visibility. 

To collect quality B2B leads from such LinkedIn groups, you need to post content that focuses on conversion so the process becomes simpler. Moreover, you can also contribute your thoughts and opinions to certain discussions. 

6.     Leverage the power of video content 

Well, who doesn't like watching videos! In this era, people want content that can be easily consumed and is engaging at the same time. 

And videos are the perfect way of increasing your reach. 

Image via theb2bhouse.com 

In fact, LinkedIn video content can help generate five times the engagement as compared to the image or text-based content. Moreover, a live video on LinkedIn can generate 24x more engagement!

Thus,  create videos and share them with your followers to get better engagement.

Yes, LinkedIn video content is something that no growing business should neglect as it can deeply impact your lead generation strategy. 

7.     Utilize LinkedIn Ads to reach the right audience 

 One of the most effective features of LinkedIn is its Ads. Yes, updating and optimizing your brand presence can certainly get you more leads. However, running hyper-personalized Ads on LinkedIn is guaranteed to generate quality leads.  

Image via tuffgrowth.com

When you set up a LinkedIn Ad, you need to target a specific audience that could be your potential leads and eventually customers. You need to add in the buyer interests, the age group, and the location so that the Ad is targeted only towards a specific demographic that could be interested in your product or service.  

A personalized LinkedIn Ad attracts high-quality leads and therefore gets you more business. So, once you have optimized your business profile and have generated sufficient engagement on the page, you can start running ads to increase brand awareness. 

8.     Execute lead generation campaigns 

 Sometimes, being specific can actually help you achieve your goal. 

And in this case, creating and executing lead gen campaigns on LinkedIn can work in your favor.  

You can use lead forms on LinkedIn wherein you ask your targeted audience to share their contact details in exchange for a resource or any kind of information. 

For instance, you can generate lead generation forms where the lead can enter their details and receive an eBook Guide related to their niche, downloadable case study, free demo or consultation, etc. Furthermore, you can also organize events such as webinars to collect leads and improve brand awareness. 

And you can utilize this information by reaching out to relevant profiles through email automation campaigns and cold calling via power dialer from your CRM.

This way, you can encourage the person to try out your product or service. And automation is always time-saving in these kinds of cases, providing your team the more productivity and enhanced overall performance of your lead generation campaign.

Wrapping up 

Once you start getting leads from LinkedIn, there’s no going back! 

Following the above tips will help you collect more leads and impact your company’s presence on LinkedIn, resulting in more credibility and genuine connections. LinkedIn is a great lead generation tool for the B2B marketplace, and you can understand how social media for business is important.

Therefore, plan and execute your LinkedIn lead generation strategies effectively and witness the growth yourself! 

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