How Modern Businesses are using Social Media and Artificial Intelligence

By Emily Jones

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Social Media

The impact of Artificial Intelligence and Social media on society and business in general is widely recognized as one of the great technological achievements in known history. Multiple industries from varied areas of human activity have benefitted from the processes used by AI in conjunction with IT/Cloud technology, and have created many new jobs as well as increased their market presence and visibility, while boosting production levels and cutting costs. Everything from semantics technology, machine learning, cognitive intelligence, to Natural Language Processing (NLP) together with text mining and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), is used in social media applications to boost business and satisfy customer experience.

Through Machine Learning—now a vital part of marketing automation— and text mining, AI can sift through and process all the relevant information found on the Internet and social media sites to deliver personalized solutions to both customers and businesses. Algorithms can sift through the search history of a customer and all their social media accounts and together with cognitive computing (which extracts meaning out of human language, and recognizes and learns human behaviour) can find patterns in consumer behaviour. With A.I. assistants and Slack Bots they can recommend similar or newer products and services to the user, while Facial Recognition apps can boost social media marketing potential and improve customer engagement.

Targeted marketing automation using machine learning can discover what days are more favourable for customer engagement and responses, and send targeted tweets at the appropriate time, thus promoting customer loyalty while also attracting more diverse audiences. The major benefit of AI applications is that they promote a cross-disciplinary approach for businesses and organizations to find new data that can help them optimize and also diversify by exploring the entire human collective and multiple fields of human activity.

Similarly, the process of text mining can differentiate between unstructured (not fixed in location) and structured data found everywhere on the wide gamut of online sources, and process unstructured data to discover relevant information or important and previously unknown business strategies. Text Mining can thus help predict mass consumer behaviour, alternations in customer demand or satisfaction, and also anticipate a business crisis before it develops, as well as recommend simultaneously a single or multiple solutions. Like most AI processes, text mining operates at high processing speed and high capacity which means that it can filter, process and deliver information as close as possible to real time—recommending solutions and changes so that the company can gain a jump-start and a competitive edge in the market. Reputable AI Companies like Expert System offer companies a variety of text mining tools to help them increase their chance of success and improve their organization.

Finally, the development of more audio-visual interfaces and of VR technology is already impacting the world of branding and social media marketing. Companies are already using virtual conference rooms to keep in touch with customers, clients and partners from around the world and also to enhance user experience and engagement, while solidifying networking potential and accelerating decision-making strategies. In ultimate analysis, it is important for companies to keep up to date on new technologies, and also train their IT team to develop cloud computing/AI tech skills. If the future is a totally interconnected world, then there is no doubt that AI can help humans in their tasks, as long as they are programmed with the right safety measures to ensure that they do not develop the same imperfections human beings have.

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