Link Building In a Blockchain World

By Ellie S

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Blockchain has the power to impact all industries, and it’s already starting. The most ommon industries discussed are finance, real estate, investing, insurance, and payment procession, but there’s much more if you dig beneath the surface. For example, blockchain and the introduction of Web3 will change the way link-building works in the world of SEO - continue reading to find out more.

Less eCommerce Fraud

Ecommerce fraud, especially card not present (CNP) attempts, is detrimental to businesses. Billions of dollars are lost to fraud every year, and it’s only increasing as hackers are employing smarter tactics. Fortunately, the introduction of smart contracts by Ethereum (follow this link to find out its real-time value) has made it possible to reduce fraud across the eCommerce space.

When smart contracts are used for payments, cash may only be released once all terms of the digital agreement are met. For example, if you purchase an item and send funds, but the seller steals the money, you have no way to recover. However, using smart contracts would prevent them from doing this until the package was marked sent.

Goodbye Middleman

Currently, Google dominates search engines and SEO, but it is a middleman with too much power that takes money from people doing the legwork. In a world of blockchain, SEO and the internet will be decentralized, meaning content will belong to creators and businesses will have alternative options. The chances are that Google will still benefit from ads, but it won’t hold all of the power.

Improved Keyword Analytics

SEO professionals rely on keyword analytics, but sourcing information can be difficult. Even though there are plenty of advanced tools, figuring out keyword positions and navigating browser types, cookies, and device types is complex. However, blockchain is on the way to a solution because it has the power to track keywords across a variety of different scenarios. Additionally, thanks to its transparency and unchangeable data strings, keyword rankings will require very little analysis. 

No Click Fraud

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, most of which operates through Google Ads, is a giant multi-billion dollar industry that can be highly rewarding. However, click bots and competitors can make fraudulent clicks to drive prices up. By implementing blockchain, click fraud will be a distant memory because it will verify that each click is coming from a valid source. Additionally, it will assess whether ads were watched by people or bots.

Affiliate Network Shifts

The most popular mainstream affiliate marketing program comes from Amazon, which gives affiliates commissions for every sale made through their links. The introduction of smart links will likely see the end of the current affiliate marketing strategy. The network will be obsolete because smart links can be used by businesses to accurately track sales and reward affiliates.

Every industry will feel the impact of blockchain adoption, including digital marketing. SEO and link building is just one area that will feel the burn, with the blockchain phenomenon, including NFTs, already being widely used. Being ready and well-researched on potential changes will prevent marketers from being left behind.

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