Website Speed and You

By Alex Slichniy

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People have different reasons for setting up a website. However, one desire common among all website owners is to get traffic. Even though different websites aim for different numbers of visitors, all of them still want people to visit.

Therefore, anything that will adversely affect your traffic requires attention.

Statistically speaking, the viewership of your page will drop by 11% if your website takes an extra second to load. If you can estimate how many other websites out there serve the same purpose as yours, you will understand how fast and easy it is to lose traffic.

The speed of your website is critical to its success. Consider an e-commerce site, for instance, that expects to make its sales online. If such a website is not fast enough, there is a great chance that it will lose a lot of patronage in no time.

Even the biggest of e-commerce websites with millions of visitors per day are putting in efforts to keep their visitors and get more.

How are they doing that? You guessed right, they are improving their page load times.

In the modern world, especially on the internet, if you cannot claim your space in the fast lane, you will be left by the wayside, fast!

It actually gets worse because bad news spreads really fast online, as the Hosting Tribunal testifies. Hence, if you have a slow website, rest assured that not only the visitors who experienced the drag will know about it. Quite a number of them will tell friends and family.

Worst still, if any of them has a good followership on social media, you’ll lose a lot of potential visitors who won’t even bother checking you out based on the bad review they got.

Furthermore, when it comes to websites and customer experience, the phrase “time is money” cannot be truer. In fact, if your website takes a second longer than the accepted average load time, you can lose a lot of dollars. If you think that is ridiculous, is $18 billion a lot of money?

Whoever you are, it is!

According to statistics, that is the amount of money online retailers lose per year in abandoned shopping carts. And interestingly, 18% of those customers do so because the pages load too slowly.

So get more facts on why you should speed up your website in our beautiful infographics below.

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