Why Job Seekers Are Turning To Social Media

By Laurie Wood

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Did you know, 79% of job seekers use social media in their job search?  But why on earth are people steering away from the more traditional means of job hunting? Well, have a think back to when you last read the daily paper and compare it to when you last read a news headline via social media.  Social media is part of our day to day activities and is becoming an online hub of information pushing old school newspapers and bulletin boards to the back of the line. Not only is it quick and easy but in the long run, it's cost-effective, eco-friendly and available on the go! But, that still doesn't explain why job seekers are turning to social media, especially considering its main function works as a social networking platform and not an online jobs bulletin board.

Let's think about this on a wider scale. From a marketers perspective, we have researched that in 2015 there were an average 38 million active social media users within the UK and it rose to 39 million in 2016 (with it still steadily increasing through 2017), and an individual might say 'everyone' is online these days. So there's your first answer, a large number of the population use social media, predominately Millennials which makes it a prime target demographic for businesses marketing efforts. Therefore, jobs seekers will migrate towards social media since it seems a logical place for recruiters to advertise considering the mass audience reach.

Now, let's narrow this down a bit. A survey revealed that regardless of age group, consumers expect a brand to have a social presence with a whopping 95% of millennials expecting a brand to have a Facebook profile. With social media being an extension of a brands website, it contributes to a users decision whether or not to apply for a role (for that particular company). Similar to how employers will screen candidates social media profiles, a job seeker will screen that brands social media presence. Job seekers are looking to see whether or not that brand has fulfilled its goal in showcasing company culture, values and perks of the company. They want to see the fun factor, employee benefits and career progression. If however, they see a page which is dull or even abandoned it reflects badly on the company image and motivation.

So, to sum up why job seekers are turning to social media in their job search:

  • 'Everyone' is on social media making it a perfect place for recruiters to promote
  • Job seekers can screen a company's social presence before applying for a role


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