Your Design Matters: How Growth Opportunities Emerge From Graphics

By Iman Bahrani

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Are you using Wordpress for your business? Do you think you are getting the most out of it?

Many small businesses are depending on Wordpress as a medium to promote and sell their products and services. Wordpress is famous for the site design and content organization, but beyond the designs, themes, layouts, Wordpress plugins also give additional customization to your site.

With thousands of available plugins both free and for sale, listed in this article are some of the must-haves when you are using the platform for your business.

These plugins are not only there to beautify the site, but also offer extra help to blog owners. Each plugin has a unique function.


Wordpress SEO by Yoast (FREE)

Yoast SEO is one of the most reliable plugins from its respected category. With over 20+ million downloads, a lot of users will agree to its capability to do a good job.

Yoast SEO is a powerful plugin with smart features; it allows you to add a custom meta description, XML sitemap creation, RSS optimization, and keyword tags. It also uses advanced software analysis that lets you work through an SEO checklist to ensure you are using the best practices.

With this, you can enhance your search engine rankings to attract more visitors and possible new customers. That is, after all, what Yoast SEO does best. It focuses on attracting visitors to increase your conversion rates and boost your business.


Contact Form 7 (FREE)

Having a contact form plugin in your website is a must, this allows your customers and visitors to drop their queries and suggestions as well as share feedback. In other words, it helps new clients connect with you easily through contact forms.

While there are a lot of plugins that function as a contact form, there’s only one that makes the task simple, and that is Contact Form 7.

Contact Form 7 provides the user everything, from FAQs, tutorials and other needed information for you to customize the visibility of the form to your site. Moreover, Contact Form 7 has an option where you can upload a file and set up in a jiffy.

Jetpack (FREE)

Jetpack is the most powerful plugin that is hosting itself. With Jetpack, there is a lot of stuff you can do, like installing a dozen plugins in one click, interact with millions of users who are possible customers and new visitors to your business site.

Moreover, Jetpack helps boost the site's performance by slowing down any other features from the server. On a daily basis, jetpack will help on regular updates, report the exact number of visitors who browsed your site, troubleshoot, and enhance performance.

A strong security to protect your business site is the top priority; no need to worry since Jetpack is jampacked with this feature as well. It stops unauthorized users and prevents force brute attacks for your site.


Mailchimp for Wordpress (FREE)

Mailchimp is one of the leading email service providers with 6 million downloads. It does its work best at delivering emails to your customers and subscribers. Around 70% of the users abandon their email or are just too tired to open and check it for details.

This plugin is no doubt a great tool for marketing. Mailchimp is a free plugin that allows creating opt-forms to add subscribers and customers to your list of contacts. Also, you can easily connect the plugin to other features on your site, like a contact form or comment section.


Akismet (FREE)

Comments can be overwhelming, but spam comments can be annoying. Akismet’s job is to filter spam comments. It is a police officer for such comments and Pingback spam.

Using Akismet can be helpful to your business especially when you are reading comments and suggestions from your subscribers. It’ll filter all the comments and would only show the important ones. Moreover, this will allow you to focus your time and energy on the comments that will matter to your business.

Now, there is less effort wasted and more time spent to build a network with your customers.


W3 Total Cache (FREE)

Using website caching is the best way to improve your site’s performance. Caching is temporarily storing the site’s data in the cache so it can load faster the next time the visitor loads the page. Cache is a temporary storing place used in the computer world.

For Wordpress plugins that do a good job in caching, I am recommending the W3 Total Cache. As one of the most popular, and can also be the best Wordpress plugin, W3 Total Cache features page cache, database caching, browser caching, and a lot more.

This plugin will allow you to offer compressed and cached files to your visitors. That will reduce the loading time of your site, decreasing the waiting time for your readers.

Woo Commerce (FREE)

This is the e-commerce plugin that everyone needs. If you want to establish a self-branded website where you can sell your products, Woo Commerce is the perfect plugin for you.

It is a one-stop-shop plugin that has everything you need to establish your product. From its ability to accept payment using multiple paying methods to easy ways of checkouts.

It also gives options for discounts, coupons, and free shipping methods. With this plugin, you can already control the flow of orders, money transactions, and shipping methods. It is a perfect tool to save you from the stress of hopping from banks and attending the payment and shipping methods.



Consider the plugins in this list as tools you can use in your path to business success. The functions of the plugins above can be applied and used to satisfy the needs of your customers. This can also make your SEO strategies smoother. With these tools, along with an SEO company in Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, or anywhere in the world, you'll be on your way to having a better website.  


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