Social Media Marketing

Let's Generate Real Business Results Within 90 Days

There are two types of social media marketing specialists. There are those who will strive to make you look good on social media. Then there are those who are determined to make sure you get real business results from social media in as short a space of time as possible.

If you are looking for real business results from your investment in social media marketing, then you have just found the ideal agency to work with.

Social-Hire works with small businesses and recruitment teams all over the world. Every day we invest hundreds of hours figuring out how to generate sales leads on social media... how to drive website traffic... how to attract job applicants... how to encourage event bookings... how to spark demo requests... Simply put, we know how to get the types of results you want.

How do I start social media marketing?

That's why our clients typically work with us for years and years, it's why we have tremendous client testimonials and it's why we are 5 star rated on Google. We've been generating social media results since 2012, have a massive social media audience ourselves and generate most of our new business through social media. If you've been researching the market, you'll know already that there aren't many social media agencies that can say the same!

How effective is social media marketing?

Most small businesses and recruitment teams only get modest results when investing time and money in social media. In fact, they often struggle to demonstrate that social media has produced any results at all. The reason is simple - they lack the experience and know-how needed to formulate and execute a winning social media strategy. That's why partnering with a business like Social-Hire makes so much sense. Your chances of producing tangible business results are multiplied - and the timescales in which you're likely to get results are massively reduced.

Done well, social media can become one of your most important streams of new client enquiries, candidate applications, event bookings, demo requests or website traffic. When that happens, continuing to invest in social media marketing is a no-brainer.

Should we schedule a call?

If you are eager to start getting real business results from social media, it'd be well worth booking in for a call via the scheduling tool below. The only criteria to keep in mind would be:

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