Social Media Marketing

Let's Generate Real Business Results Within 90 Days

There are two types of social media marketing specialists. There are those who will strive to make you look good on social media. Then there are those who are determined to make sure you get real business results from social media in as short a space of time as possible.

If you are looking for real business results from your investment in social media marketing, then you have just found the ideal agency to work with.

Social-Hire works with small businesses and recruitment teams all over the world. Every day we invest hundreds of hours figuring out how to generate sales leads on social media... how to drive website traffic... how to attract job applicants... how to encourage event bookings... how to spark demo requests... Simply put, we know how to get the types of results you want.

How do I start social media marketing?

That's why our clients typically work with us for years and years, it's why we have tremendous client testimonials and it's why we are 5 star rated on Google. We've been generating social media results since 2012, have a massive social media audience ourselves and generate most of our new business through social media. If you've been researching the market, you'll know already that there aren't many social media agencies that can say the same!

How effective is social media marketing?

Most small businesses and recruitment teams only get modest results when investing time and money in social media. In fact, they often struggle to demonstrate that social media has produced any results at all. The reason is simple - they lack the experience and know-how needed to formulate and execute a winning social media strategy. That's why partnering with a business like Social-Hire makes so much sense. Your chances of producing tangible business results are multiplied - and the timescales in which you're likely to get results are massively reduced.

Social media isn’t as straightforward as it used to be - for better or worse this is no longer 2009. Choosing the right channel, deploying proven tactics and setting realistic goals when it comes to your social media marketing can make or break the results you produce. Having a strong presence and socially-fluent tone of voice on your social media platforms is important when engaging with your target audience. As well as a solid strategy, you need to grow your brand awareness, set SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) - and you also really need to research your target audience and what they’re reacting to on social media. It sounds obvious, but most businesses don’t improve communication and interaction with their target audience nearly as much as they ought to - and that’s often a failing of strategy and planning. With several billion active social media users and a wealth of data about trends in social media use across the various platforms, you want to devise a plan of action that's highly focused on your particular audience segment and how they can best be engaged via social. 

Done well, social media can become an integral part of your marketing plan and one of your most important streams of new client enquiries, candidate applications, event bookings, demo requests or website traffic. When that happens, continuing to invest in social media marketing is a no-brainer - particularly when you consider that at any point in time, most people aren’t ready to buy from your company or apply to your jobs. So the full value from social media marketing is derived by investing in it for the long term.


At Social Hire, we are a social media marketing agency - that means we live and breathe social. When it comes to our social media marketing services, we’ll look after your social media presence without you having to spend the considerable time and money involved in putting together an in-house social team with comparable skills to that of the Social Hire team. We hand-pick the best social media managers and strategists to help make sure our team are the experts and can really get results for you and your business.

Our team works with all kinds of clients across a wide variety of different industries to help them break through the crowded marketplace of social media and start hitting their business goals. Whether you’re a one-man band or have grown to have dozens of employees across your business, our outsourced social media model is perfect for getting you cost-effective results from your digital marketing. Our services actually make a difference to the way your business works, help it to grow and put you on the path to success. Small to medium sized businesses are what we specialise in, and because of this, we have a deep and expert understanding of the challenges these businesses face, both online and offline. Our team will work closely with you to put together a strategy that genuinely makes sense for you and your business model, industry and market, so you can be confident you’ll get the results you actually want when you work with Social Hire.

We manage your social media presence from top to bottom, based on your needs and the advice of our social experts. Whether it’s organic posts, paid advertising, lead generation or any of the myriad of other opportunities social media offers, our team are able to use their knowledge and expertise to get you genuine results. We know that for all the creativity and innovation we put into our campaigns, what you need to see is genuine results that will actually make a difference to your business. Tangible leads you can follow up, event invites confirmed and transactions completed are what you really want, which is why all of our social media activity is designed to actually help you reach your business goals, and not just make you look good to your competitors. We know that a lot of social media agencies can curate you beautiful, intelligent, funny social media content, but that doesn’t mean that they can turn that into conversions, which is why you’ve chosen to market yourself online in the first place! With Social Hire, we don’t mess around - when you work with us, it’s always style and substance.


As well as creating incredible social media collateral and managing your accounts, posting and ads, we also offer effective social media strategies, lead generation services and social media training for small businesses who want to take their social media management in house, but don’t quite know where to start. So if you want to find out the best way to take your first steps into exploiting social media marketing, take a look at the timetable below!

Should we schedule a call?

f you like the sound of all this, consider arranging a call with our team to find out more about Social Hire and what we can do for you and your business. The only things you should think about before you call us are when you want to invest in social, whether you’re able to commit to social media marketing, and what outcomes you would ideally like to drive from these activities.


With all that said, if you think you’re ready to take the plunge and enquire about our social media management services, have a look at the time slots below and arrange a call with one of our team members. During your call, we’ll go through your goals for social media marketing, the nature of your business and how we can help you achieve them. We’ll take you through our business and our approaches and you can take us through yours so we can tailor our initial strategies, ideas and advice to you more specifically. We can’t wait to hear from you, so find a time that works for you and arrange your first step into effective social media management today.