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Our next Tweetchat is particularly relevant for HR and Talent Management professionals interested in increasing new hire productivity and is in partnership with the fantastic team at Talmundo. Tune in for the #Talmundo chat on 19 April at 3pm London time / 10am EST / 4pm European time. This promises to be a really interesting session and below you can track the live tweet stream once the chat is underway. Scroll below to see the questions that'll be covered in this chat.

Questions To Be Addressed

This session will bring together HR and Talent Management professionals, to talk about the successful onboarding of new hires. The primary questions to be addressed are:

Q1: How does your company welcome your #NewHires? #Talmundo

Q2: What are the biggest challenges you face when introducing a new employee into the team? #Talmundo

Q3: With more and more #Millennials joining the workforce, have you had to adapt your approach to new hires for this group? How? #Talmundo

Q4: What are the KPIs for your company’s #employeeonboarding? #Talmundo

Q5: What activities have you found to be the most successful for #employeeengagement? #Talmundo

Q6: In what ways has technology changed your day-to-day in HR? #Talmundo #HRtech

Q7: How do you track the effectiveness of your #employeeonboarding? What else would you like to track? #Talmundo

Q8: What tools and resources help you keep track of #newhireorientation, training and development activities? #Talmundo

Please use the #Talmundo hashtag in all your tweets!