Social Media for London Based Businesses

Turn Social Media Into A Source Of Client Leads For Your London-Based B2B Business

Too often, people see social media marketing as all smoke and mirrors. Social media marketing companies in London promise huge returns on investment but rarely tie themselves to delivering real, tangible results. A solid social strategy can't just be devised on the fly, it has to be laser-focused on the right target audience and worked on consistently and diligently for a period of time.

Here at Social Hire, we're passionate about bringing you effective social media marketing strategies that ultimately deliver on a goal we've agreed during our onboarding process. We'll use our years of experience and a deep understanding of social media to drive engagement and results to give you a tangible return on investment.

How do I get leads on social media?


Why Does Your Business Need Social Media?

Your business needs social media because it's one of the most effective ways to generate new client leads (when done right). Word of mouth and referral business are great, up to a point. Eventually, you're going to have to invest in new ways to promote your business if you want to take it to the next level though. This can range from search engine optimisation work to pay-per-click campaigns, email marketing to paid media. Social media, though, is arguably the investment that can produce results for the best cost / time investment. 

Asides from direct lead generation, you'll likely miss out on business to your competitors if you haven't got a consistent, clear social media presence that keeps you consistently front of mind with your target audience. 

Our 4-Step Process To Help You Grow Your Social Media Marketing In London 

As a social media marketing agency serving clients in London, we have a defined 4-step process that can help you achieve predetermined goals. Be it lead generation, increased brand awareness or greater website traffic. This process is tried and tested and brings you real business value. All we ask is that you commit to 90 days with Social Hire. Why 90 days? Well, this gives us enough time to show you how effective our work can be - in terms of actual results delivered. More often than not, clients see what we have done in just 90 days and go on to form a long-term relationship with us that lasts for many many years (and counting).

1. Define Your Target Audience

A social media strategy without a defined target audience is like building a house without foundations. We'll take the time to understand you and your business and define the people that you want to target. This is a crucial part of the process and it's vital this is done correctly the first time. This is a cornerstone of our success and we've done this countless times before as a digital agency and are confident that our talented team can laser-focus their efforts on reaching and building your ideal audience.

2. Create A Social Media Presence

The next step involves creating, or building on, a social media presence. Through focusing on the most relevant social platforms for your business, we'll begin the process of brand building and content creation to ensure people sit up and take notice of what it is you have to say.

3. Take Steps To Ensure You're Targeting The Right People

Rather than just posting content to appeal to your ideal audience, we'll go one step beyond and actively get you in front of the people you're looking to target through proactive outreach and community management. From individual decision-makers on Linkedin to a broader base on other social platforms like Twitter, from investing time in groups to influencer marketing.

4. Engage With That Targeted Audience

The final step is where we actively engage with these people. This is the secret sauce - and something that agencies offering lower cost services simply don't do for your business. It's a fine art and will make the difference between a strong ROI and having no idea what value social media is bringing your business!

London-based Industries and Businesses That We Have Worked With To Expand Their Social Media

Our expertise in offering full-service social media services to B2B businesses in London spans multiple sectors. Most are selling high value services to a B2B audience though. If that mirrors the profile of your business and your target clients then we'd be extremely confident that we can help you succeed with social media in London.

Social Hire's Social Media Marketing Services

We have a range of services to choose from and, after selecting which approaches are best for your business and desired outcomes, will create a social plan of action bespoke to your business. All with the goal of helping you achieve a specific business goal such as generating more sales calls or candidate registrations for your business. Take a look at our services below:

Social Media Marketing

Using years of knowledge and an awareness of what works we'll create full-service social media campaigns with direct customer outreach that will help you achieve goals like increased follower base, mailing list sign-ups or awareness of an upcoming networking event. 

Social Media Strategy

Our experts will determine the most effective strategy for your social media. From content type to where you should be posting it and when. A thorough strategy, along with an awareness of your audience, are two key pillars to social media success.

Social Media Lead Generation

Low-quality leads can cripple a business. You just waste time dealing with people who aren't interested, it's simply not worth it. Our bespoke solutions will make sure that the people you're talking to, via strong content marketing, are interested and listening.

Social Media Training

Learn how to effectively manage social media platforms. Go beyond just scrolling and let our team of experts show you how to get the most out of these giant platforms, for the benefit of your business.

Facebook Ads Manager

Learn how to optimise Facebook Ads and ensure you're getting your message out there to the right people. It's the biggest social media platform on earth, you need to understand how to effectively use it, let us help.

Free Webinars

As a digital agency that has been around for while we love educating! We host a wide range of free webinars, be sure to check out our latest ones.

Want To Boost Your Social Media Presence With Effective Digital Marketing And Enjoy Tangible Results? Get In Touch With Social Hire Today.

We've helped countless businesses with social media in London. We think you'll find our no-nonsense approach refreshing and our expertise insightful. If you're wanting a team of social media experts to help your business in London then be sure to get in touch and book a call with the expert team here at Social Hire. 

Before arranging a call with us we ask you to consider just three things:

  1. You're ready to invest now - Social media changes and strategies need tweaking regularly; to get the most out of our team and our services it's vital that you're ready to invest in our social media services in the next few weeks. That way, we can plan strategies that are effective now.
  2. You're committed to a long-term approach - The reason we ask you to sign up to 90 days is to show our effectiveness and get you some initial results; but you should also be aware that social media takes time to be successful. It's not a quick fix!
  3. You have the budget to invest - While our services are a third of the price of recruiting a social media team member for your business, to see real benefits you need to consider social media as a real investment that you have planned into your budget rather than it being a cost you'll repeatedly want to scale back on.


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