Social Media for Business Coaches

Turn Social Media Platforms Into A Source Of Client Leads For Your Coaching Business

If you're providing business coaching services you no doubt have some areas of real expertise. But generating client interest through social media isn’t necessarily one of them - and even if it is, for most business coaches time will be better spent serving clients than trying to win new ones through social media.

If you’re like most business coaches we work with, you want to be out there talking to potential coaching clients and helping your existing clients to achieve greater success. You don’t want your time distracted from that and you don’t want to be experimenting with approaches that may or may not work.

How do I get leads on social media?

Here at Social Hire we understand how difficult it can be to juggle managing social media networks, growing your network of prospects and trying to focus on your own business success simultaneously. Which is why our marketing efforts are focused on getting you tangible business results, so you can focus on what you do best. We’ll do this by growing your audience, nurturing them with great content marketing and engagement… and ultimately converting them into having a call with you, joining a webinar or workshop you’re running, attending a business breakfast or whatever your preferred route is for getting potential new clients engaging meaningfully with you.

The way we deliver success for growing your business coaching service is simple. In the first 90 days our team will devise a marketing strategy to drive interest in your business coaching services that is all about growing your audience (with more ideal prospects) and then converting that audience into taking action. Once those 90 days are up we're confident you'll be seeing significant upsides from our social strategy.

The 4 Stages of Social Media Marketing Success For Business Coaches

  1. Together we define your target audience and some of their common pain points, challenges and aspirations. 
  2. We create relevant social media channels that will attract this desired audience.
  3. Our team then takes proactive steps to grow your audience and to ensure that you're considered a thought leader by those you’re aspiring to work with.
  4. Finally, we spend time engaging with your target audience to start conversations and to get you the desired end outcome (eg. people booking onto a taster call)

You're always in complete control because beyond our initial 90 day intensive growth phase there’s just a 2 week notice period - meaning that every month we’re expecting to generate the same tremendous results so that we retain your business (and clients typically work with us for years and years, which speaks volumes about the results we get!).

We've been generating social media results for small business owners since 2012 and we would love to help you, as a coaching business, develop a solid social media strategy and stand out amongst competing services, becoming the person business owners are most likely to turn to. Fueling business growth and providing great customer service are just a couple of the reasons why our clients have stayed with us for so long and why we have truly great client testimonials and a 5-star rating on Google

Does Social Media Work For Business Coaches?

Social media works extremely well for B2B business owners, especially B2B services where generating a flow of new enquiries from business owners and decision-makers is key.

Often a coaching business's social media efforts will fail because they didn't have the right plan in place to grow their audience and then convert that audience into measurable results for the business. But if you do have that properly in place then it’s just a matter of how many leads will flow from the work, rather than whether social media marketing will work at all.

Social Hire will take care of all the necessary steps for you. 

In our experience, successful social media activities are built on a plan that prioritises prospect growth, ongoing engagement and nurturing plus laser-targeted messaging to drive results. That's what a winning social media strategy looks like!

Social Hire's approach ensures you engage with an audience of your ideal prospects, your messaging is optimised to generate calls and enquiries and you can clearly see the business impact your social media presence is having. Our personalised approach to engaging with potential clients will increase your trust and visibility in the business community and help you acquire clients as a business coach. 

At Social Hire, our effective social media management doesn't leave things to chance. We're built on consistency and achieving results through having already experimented with the ways we can engage with your audience. You’ll never have to worry about keeping up with the latest social media trends, the team at Social Hire will do all that for you.

Should we schedule a call?

If you're a business coach or business owner and are eager to get yourself out there in the world of social media with the goal of generating tangible results, we would love to hear from you. However, before you do schedule a call with us, it's worth double-checking the following:

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