Social Media for Recruiters

Recruitment Teams Can Attract Candidates (and New Clients) With Proven Social Media Recruiting Approaches

We don't need to tell you that running successful social media accounts as recruiters can take up a lot of time and effort. In such a competitive and fast-paced recruitment market, it’s difficult to execute engaging social media recruiting campaigns while keeping on top of the client and candidate calls that actually ensure you get paid. Plus there are so many social media sites you could invest time and money in, all of which seemingly come with conflicting advice on how to get results.

With all of these pressures and conflicting information, it certainly seems easier to shy away from social media recruiting - but you shouldn’t! The teams doing social media right have turned their social media recruitment strategy into a solid stream of new interest from job seekers. What's more, other recruitment businesses are really beating the competition thanks to the new client leads that social media platforms are bringing them.

The headache for recruitment teams often stems from figuring out how they can get the best results from social - and the fact that the “magic formula” changes so regularly doesn’t make this task any easier. It’s also difficult to justify high-performing recruiters taking their time away from the hiring process and activities that result in making placements to do things on social media that could be outsourced at far lower cost (and with similar or better results). This is where Social Hire comes in.

We power the social media recruiting strategy for recruiters all over the world. Every day we invest our time and use it to create strategies that generate client leads on social media channels, figure out how to drive candidate website traffic, how to attract job applicants and how to encourage career event registrations - be that from passive candidates or from active job seekers. The days of relying on job boards for candidate attraction are long gone; and the same goes for cold-calling as a means of winning new clients. Simply put, we know how to get the types of business results you need to make your social media marketing investment worthwhile.

Social media recruitment

We work to a simple formula. We set out to start producing your desired business outcomes from social media channels within the first 90 days. Beyond that, you have just a 2 week notice period to stop using our services. We understand that you can't afford to commit long term to something that isn't working for your business, whether that's attracting candidates or generating recruiter client leads. But we know we can start to get results you’ll be pleased with within 90 days. It's in our ability to deliver within these timescales, while minimising your initial investment, that has spurred so many recruitment teams around the world to work with us to start getting tangible results from social recruiting.

Our proven customer satisfaction is one of the reasons why so many of our clients have worked with us for years and years. We strive for nothing less than excellent results, and our clients agree - we have tremendous client testimonials and are 5 star rated on Google. We've been generating social media results for recruiters since 2012, but we think it’s important to practise what we preach. We have a massive social media audience ourselves, plus we generate most of our new business and our new hires through social media. If you've been researching the market, you'll know already that there aren't many social media agencies out there that can say the same!

Does social media recruitment work?

Does social recruiting work? Yes, it absolutely does - and not just for reaching passive job seekers!

However, social media for recruiters only works well if your team has the right social media strategy in place, ensuring you have every step figured out to effectively grow your audience and convert that target audience into end results such as applying for your job openings. Be in no doubt, social media marketing has had a huge impact on the recruitment industry - changing the way candidates are sourced, the way agencies brand themselves and the way they attract clients.

Having an online brand and social presence is important to any business - recruitment or otherwise! But recruitment is fundamentally about people, so conveying your company culture and engaging effectively with candidates and clients will make you stand out and help you accelerate business results - one big reason you need a strong social media strategy as a key element of your recruiting efforts.

Working with Social Hire makes a lot of sense if you’re a recruitment agency, as we work with a wide range of agencies and teams across numerous industry sectors - right around the English-speaking world! So your chances of producing tangible results and filling more of your job openings if you work with us are multiplied - and the timescales in which you're likely to get results are also massively reduced.

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