Social Media Training Course

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Each year we run thousands of social media campaigns for companies all over the world. That gives us tremendous insights about what works and what doesn't work - in real time, not just in theory! Every day we invest hundreds of hours figuring out how to generate sales leads on social media, how to drive website traffic, how to attract job applicants, how to encourage event bookings. The list could go on and on... but the key thing is that it's this knowledge that small businesses and students of social media desperately need.

One day training courses don't give you these insights. In-house training sessions only scratch the surface. What you need is ongoing guidance that covers everything step-by-step and that continually brings you up to date with i) the latest examples of what's working and ii) the tools to use to get results.

So we had an idea. Why not offer an ongoing social media training course that allows us to share all the insights we get from our work with anyone who's serious about studying to get better results from their social media marketing?

Social Media Training Course

That's what led us to launch our Social Media Training Course. This is now open and accepting applications (see the bottom of this page for the simple 1 minute application process). What's more, it's absolutely free to enrol. Just be aware that places are limited, so we have to be selective about who we allow onto the course. Priority will be given to those who seem most serious about learning - and either putting the ideas into practice or using what's taught as a springboard to change career direction.

Who should apply for a free place? 

These sessions will require at most 1 hour of your time each week. Recordings of each session will also be available so you can fit them in around your existing commitments. So you just need to be able to make that modest time commitment each week. In terms of who's likely to benefit most from enrolling, we imagine this course will be of greatest value to you if you are:

When applying, just be sure to tell us why this course would be valuable to you / what you hope to achieve. 

Course breakdown 

We've split the course into three parts, each of which will help you to take a big leap forward in terms of both the knowledge you have and the results you're able to generate. Here's what you can expect, delivered via a series of webinar calls:

Next step - apply for a place 

Below you can apply to request a place on the first part of this course. If chosen, you'll be enrolled for Month 1 and upon successful completion of this you'll then be invited to join us for parts two and three of the course.

Good luck and we hope to see you on a future training call.