Social Media for New York Based Businesses

Turn Social Media Into A Source Of Client Leads For Your New York-Based B2B Business

Here at Social Hire, we have spent years helping B2B businesses in New York and beyond to grow their social media presence through consistent content creation that’s laser-focused at the appropriate target audience. As you'll discover, our process of growing your social networks revolves around real, tangible goals that will directly impact your business.

Too often, social media marketing agencies in New York promise the world, offer vague marketing numbers and call the campaign a success. To us, that's just not good enough.

As small business agency specialists, we work with niche brands and fast-growing companies in New York to offer a full-service social media strategy that features a deep understanding of the market and is packed with fresh perspectives.

So, if you're tired of working with social media management agencies in New York that produce underwhelming results and want to work with an agency that will follow a 4 step process to carve out a clear digital strategy, all with the aim of hitting business goals that positively impact your P&L, then schedule a call with the team here at Social Hire.

How do I get leads on social media?

How Our Full-Service Social Media Marketing Process Brings You Real Results In 90 Days

As a social media company serving clients in New York, our full-service process is broken down into 4 simple steps. No matter your goal, whether it's enhancing your brand’s presence, increasing lead generation, securing speaking engagements or driving candidate registrations - we'll work through the following 4 steps to ensure success. We have a deep understanding of what works for B2B focused small businesses. All we ask is that you commit to 90 days to form an opinion about the impact social media can have on your business. This gives us enough time to show you the benefits of our full service packages and for you to see real results.

Step 1 - Discover your target audience and social media goal

From the moment you get in touch with us, we'll work with you to find out who you want to speak to on your social channels. Finding this out is a vital step as it determines everything we do from thereon. We'll also talk through what it is you want to achieve with your investment in social media. Increased signups for a mailing list? Consistent and scalable lead generation? Registrations for a seminar or a networking event? Whatever it is we'll work to achieve this goal and more.

Step 2 - Create a social media presence that's a magnet for your target audience.

Relevant content and great user experience interacting with your company are important elements of a successful social media presence. Once we have aligned this with your target audience we're on the road to success. We'll go ahead and create a social media presence that will pique the interest of the people you're targeting. We'll create a strong brand identity and adjust activities to reflect what's working each and every month (did we mention it's a full-time job staying on top of all the changes to the social media platforms and their algorithms?!).

Step 3 - Take steps to ensure your social and digital media is being seen

Whether it's targeted advertising, direct messaging or creating relevant content - we won't just post on social media and hope for success. We'll take control of your online marketing and stimulate conversation and engagement. Our content planning and marketing services take an engineered approach to ensure we're always in control and getting you seen (and sparking conversations).

Step 4 - Engage with your audience to produce the desired end result

As a social media marketing agency, our entire goal is to bring you the desired end results you want. We'll use proven approaches to target and engage with your audienceand steer them in the direction of doing something you really want them to do - like book in a call with your team.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing 

Getting you tangible, defined results in a way that not many other social media agencies can do... for just a third of the cost of hiring a social media manager too.

Social Media Strategy

We'll invest the time needed to understand your business and determine the right strategy. From choosing the correct social channels to determining what and when to post. You'll have a thought through strategy that will bring you success.

Social Media Lead Generation

If you're tired of low-quality leads - or indeed no leads at all - then this is the service for you. We'll engage with senior business decision makers on behalf of your company. Get them connecting with your social media accounts and then converting these new high-quality leads to start down the sales journey with your team.

Social Media Training

We use it every day but not many people know how to effectively manage and use social media to benefit their business. Our team will educate you on the most effective ways of being successful on social.

Facebook Ads Manager

Harness the power of the world biggest social media platform. Ads Manager has the power to reach the exact people you're wanting to target. 

Free Webinars

We love engaging with our community! Come and check out what free webinars we've got coming up soon. 

Industries That We Have Helped With Our Innovative Solutions

We are especially effective working with small businesses serving B2B markets. If you work in any one of the following industries in New York then be sure to get in touch and schedule a call with us.

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If you're looking for a social media company serving clients in New York that will do away with vague digital marketing campaign promises and instead build a bespoke strategy oriented around delivering real business results then schedule a call with our team here at Social Hire.

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