Social Media for Consulting Firms

Turn Social Media Into A Source Of Client Leads For Your Consulting Firm

Do you know what makes a niche consulting firm particularly attractive as an acquisition target? It's the same thing that makes your consulting business more scaleable: having a consistent and predictable flow of new client interest flowing into your sales pipeline.

We work with niche consulting firms that want to raise their brand awareness and generate tangible business leads through social media. Whether you run business breakfasts, host webinars, organise networking events, publish pieces of thought leadership or organise 'taster' workshops - the challenge is always the same. The challenge being getting senior decision-makers who work in major corporations to sign up or take interest in what you have to say. In simple terms, if you knew you could increase the number of potential clients you would have meetings with or were able to present to, then you would want to take that opportunity with both hands, wouldn’t you? 

This is where Social Hire comes in. We are the power behind social media for consulting firms worldwide. We take a high-quality social media strategy and turn it into an ongoing source of client leads for your business. Our founder is an ex-consultant themselves and our agency has worked with consulting firms across a wide variety of niche sectors and practice areas; so we're your obvious choice for a specialist agency partner as we really know how to get results for consultancies like yours.

How do I get leads on social media?

We work on a simple formula - we start by taking a brief and getting an in-depth understanding of your target client audience and your desired business outcomes from social media marketing and then we ask for 90 days to prove that we can make a difference. Beyond that time window, you can pause your work with us at any point simply by giving two weeks' notice to stop using our services. What that means in practice is that we're super motivated to start generating tangible results for you within the first months of us working together.

Consequently, clients typically work with us for years and years. So we're confident in our ability to deliver results within these modest timescales, allowing you to minimise your initial investment until you've seen this works. It's this minimal investment, minimal commitment and aligned incentives that have encouraged so many niche B2B businesses to start getting results from social media with us. We proud of our track record in getting great results and that’s one of the reasons why so many of our clients have worked with us for years and why we have tremendous client testimonials, which has also helped us become 5 star rated on Google

As a business, we have been generating social media results since 2012. We believe it’s important to practise what you preach, we have a large social media audience ourselves and we generate a significant portion of our new business from this social media reach. If you've been researching the market, you'll know already that there aren't many social media agencies that can say the same!

Does social media work for consulting firms?

Social media for consulting firms can be a very powerful tool when it’s executed properly. For many of our clients it has become the single biggest source of new client leads for their consulting practice. All since starting with Social Hire. Looking at the data of these clients, we can’t stress enough the importance of investing in social media and getting your social media strategy right. Having the right strategy in place is integral to effectively growing your audience and then converting that audience into end results.

Plus social media also offers the perfect means for companies to demonstrate their expertise and showcase themselves as thought leaders. However, it does take a solid social media strategy to pull off heightened awareness of your firm's thought leadership expertise as well as the tangible lead flow we're principally engaged to deliver.

Should we schedule a call?

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