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Real Business Results Come From Having The Right Social Media Strategy

Getting great business results from your investment in social media all starts with having the right social media strategy. Indeed that's the reason so many businesses fail to get any measurable ROI from social media - because they have no strategy in place, or a strategy that's ill-informed. 

If you are looking for real business results from your investment in social media marketing, then don't do anything until you have figured out a winning strategy for your business...

You need to start with your end goal in mind, whether that's generating sales leads or attracting job applicants or driving event bookings or some other defined but realistic business outcome. (Expert tip: don't expect social media to generate outcomes that the business doesn't already achieve through other means. If new customers always want to talk on the phone before buying, then don't expect social media to drive people to a sales page where they buy online; instead, have social media drive people to book in for a phone call from which the sale is then made).

What's the right social media strategy?

With that end goal defined, you then need to i) develop a strategy for growing your audience or reach with your target market; and ii) develop a testing strategy for converting that audience into the end results you are seeking to generate.

That's why every engagement we start with a new client always begins with a kick off call and an initial week of research to get the social media strategy right. That's what ultimately means we're able to produce real business results and is why our clients typically work with us for years and years. It's why we have enviable client testimonials and it's why we are 5 star rated on Google. We've been generating social media results since 2012, have a massive social media audience ourselves and generate most of our new business through social media. If you've been researching the market, you'll know already that there aren't many social media agencies that can say the same!

What's the right social media strategy?

Most small businesses and recruitment teams only get modest results when investing time and money in social media. The reason is simple - they lack the experience and know-how needed to formulate and execute a winning social media strategy. That's why partnering with a social media agency like Social-Hire makes good business sense. Having worked with businesses across a wide variety of B2B sectors, we've already established winning social media strategies for businesses from consulting firms to recruitment agencies to training companies to technology providers. So rather than experimenting with strategies to get you results - which is a costly and time-consuming approach - we instead start from a position of being able to formulate the right social media strategy for your business from the outset. 

Social media marketing is an essential cog in a company’s overall marketing strategy. Having a well thought-out strategy from the outset will help guide your daily actions and allow you to monitor whether things are going well or not. It’s important to have some set goals as part of your strategy, which are both attainable and realistic for your business - indeed the more specific and concise the strategy is, the more it’s likely to succeed. Your goals should follow the SMART model, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. When looking at your social media strategy, make sure to keep it in alignment with your overall marketing strategy; but if you’re on a limited marketing budget, then it’s helpful to remember that social media is one of the most versatile and cost-effective channels out there so is a great place to start! Small businesses can use social media to reach their target audience and create a dialogue with ease, meaning it can readily become a source of new client leads and that will help to boost sales considerably given enough time.

The beauty of social media and creating a good social strategy is that you are able to cut marketing costs without having to sacrifice any results. The majority of your results will flow from initially investing time in creating and publishing well thought out content which has been crafted with your target audience in mind. If you do this well, then growing your audience consistently and quickly is a plausible aim.

This is, however, where small businesses can often fall flat in their strategy. Social media management is a full-time job and so needs someone to be working on it in a full-time capacity, not just an occasional post when you have time on a lunch break! Your investment can vary enormously in size, some businesses may be spending millions on paid ads, whereas some smaller businesses can only stretch to a total spend of a few thousand each quarter. No matter if your budget is at the lower end of this scale, it’s still possible to create an impact as it is relatively inexpensive to reach and convert new leads when the right strategies are pursued.

One of the main reasons to have a comprehensive and cohesive social media strategy is the need to stay competitive and ensure as a business you’re not losing out to competitors. Regardless of what industry you’re in, the chances are that some of your competitors are already on social media, so it’s your responsibility to keep up! Don’t let them position their business as a leader in the marketplace, getting their brand in front of people who are in the market for the services you provide - but who aren’t going to buy from you because they just don’t know you exist yet! Instead, take the lead and proactively grow your audience of prospective customers and ensure you stay front of mind - so they turn to you when the reach the right point in the buying cycle.

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