Social Media Lead Generation

Turn A Social Media Site Into a Source of New Business Lead Generation Within 90 Days

Are you eager to secure a new source of lead generation for your business? Maybe you're looking at generating leads to feed to your sales team? Or new business partnership opportunities for your commercial director? Or potential investors for your business? Whatever type of new leads you want to generate, we stand out from our competitors through our determination to make sure you get real business results from your marketing strategy - meaning you see social media lead generation starting to happen within 90 days of our work getting underway.

Social media lead generation is particularly powerful for small businesses, whose websites often don't rank that highly on Google and so don't have a consistent flow of inbound enquiries coming via their online lead generation efforts. Such businesses are often reliant on the activities of one or two key salespeople, which hinders growth and makes the business unattractive to both investors and potential acquirers. Social media platforms can often become the biggest source of B2B lead generation for such businesses - and not by engaging with social media influencers either but by directly targeting social media followers who are their ideal target audience.

How do I get leads on social media?

Our ability to generate leads via social media is one reason why so many of our clients have worked with us for years and years. It's one of many reasons we have tremendous client testimonials and it's also helped us become 5 star rated on Google. We've been active in social media lead generation since 2012, have a massive social media audience ourselves and generate most of our new sales leads through social media. If you've been researching the market, you'll know already that there aren't many social media agencies that can say the same!

How do you turn on social media lead generation on your social media channels?

Most small businesses that are active on social media seek visibility for their business and trust that increased visibility will result in more of the right types of sales leads ultimately coming to their website or giving the business a call. Effective social media lead generation doesn't leave things to chance in this way. Success is built on consistently growing the audience of prospects that your business reaches and consistently seeking to convert that audience into people who've booked in for a call or requested a demo or registered for your next sales event - generating leads in a consistent and repeatable manner. Generating more leads in this way builds a predictable and scaleable lead flow for your business.

However, the behaviour of potential customers and the selling opportunities presented by your social media pages are subject to change, making it really important to keep testing your strategies so they don’t go stale. We're plugged into the ever-changing nature of social media sites and evolving digital trends when generating leads for your business.

That's why working with Social-Hire makes so much sense. We're successfully implementing lead generation for businesses across a variety of sectors - all around the English speaking world. So your chances of producing a tangible flow of new business leads are multiplied - and the timescales in which you're likely to get results are massively reduced. Remember also that lead management is more than just counting B2B leads up and adding them to a mailing list. With social media we want to actually prompt sales calls, event attendance, demo requests and the like. Think of it as the bridge between marketing and sales which means you actually generate sales leads and have social media contribute to your sales funnel.


Lead generation strategies are complex, they require skill and an informed approach if they are to produce results. 60-70% of B2B marketers name lead generation as a major challenge to be overcome, so maybe it's no surprise that using social media to achieve this isn't as straightforward as you might think. Lead generation isn't simply cold-calling - indeed your warmest leads will be those you haven't cold-called. Rather you need to be able to develop the interest of a possible customer and prompt them to want to take the next step in your sales and marketing funnel without overly pushing information about your products or services. It’s about creating interest and intrigue such that your ideal customers get in touch with you and ultimately start learning more about your product or service. That takes generating leads to a new level.

The common goal for marketing and management teams, right the way through from start-ups to multi million-pound businesses, is to find a scaleable and predictable process that ensures consistent lead generation. In recent years the most popular kind of lead generation has been through inbound marketing - think blogs, SEO, video and of course, social media campaigns.

Online lead generation techniques have made lead targeting a lot easier with the help of social media profiling, Artificial Intelligence and audience targeting. The likes of Google and Facebook have made the lives of marketers and salespeople a lot easier by creating platforms where we can get the right product or service in front of the right people using the most powerful media available. Through social media marketing we are able to get in front of the right audience on each social media platform - and thereby initiate highly targeted campaigns. What's more, as leads are generated we also know more about these prospects, which is key to effectively converting social media leads into sales

Winning customers and business is how you grow, but people only have so much attention they can give and there’s so much content and noise out there to distract them. Customer journeys will vary across different industries and businesses, but if you can use technology to manage the journey well then you will be well placed to turn potential clients into happy customers. One key to this is understanding what your potential clients find useful, interesting or entertaining - and what will therefore help your social media presence to stand out. Social media managers need to spend time analysing their target customer audience, designing and crafting quality posts and quality campaigns. Your social media efforts aren't something you can just entrust to a member of the team to do in a few spare moments each week. 

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