FAQs About Our Social Media Marketing Services

What makes Social Hire different?

Unlike other social media marketing agencies, we work exclusively with two types of clients: i) small businesses and ii) teams eager to recruit. We know the influencers and we know exactly how to get results in these two spaces. We built Social-Hire.com to being one of the most shared sites in the recruiting industry and generate almost all our new business through social media. So we known exactly how to replicate this success for you and your business.

Which social media can you help us with?

We’ll help you build a company presence on some or all of: LinkedIn, Twitter / X, Google My Business, Facebook and Instagram. These are the networks where we see B2B firms and recruiting teams consistently generating the strongest results in the shortest space of time.

Do we need to have social media accounts set up already?

If you don’t yet have your social media accounts set up, we’ll take care of setting up accounts for you. If you already have social media accounts, we’ll make suggestions for how these could be improved and then work with the accounts you already have up and running.

Can we still be involved in the running of our social media profiles?

Absolutely! The Social Hire team will take care of the running of your accounts on a day to day basis, building your follower base, engaging and sharing great content, attracting new clients or potential future hires. So when you’re short of time, you can relax in the knowledge that your social presence remains strong. But whenever you have time and would like to jump in and get involved, that’s very much welcomed. We’ll even give you some pointers on how to do so most effectively, with consultations included in our Ultimate and Ultimate+ packages.

What notice period is required to stop using your services?

There is a minimum 3 month term for our service provision - as it's not realistic to see a marked improvement in social media results in less time than this. Asides from this you are not entering into any long term contract. Our packages renew automatically so that there is never any interruption to your social media presence. But if at any point you’d like to stop using our services, simply contact us 2 weeks prior to your renewal date to advise you don’t wish to renew further. We’ll provide our service for the remainder of the subscription period you’ve already paid for, but there’s no requirement to give us any notice period beyond this 2 weeks.

Do you offer discounts?

We do not negotiate on our rates. However a discount of 20% is available to clients who choose to pay automatically each month. This can be by setting up a credit card subscription or by setting up an automatic monthly bank transfer / standing order instruction. You’ll be presented with these options when you enrol for our services by clicking on the "Get Started" buttons on our social media plans pages.

Only clients requesting to pay by monthly invoice (with 14 days payment terms) lose this 20% discount as their payment to us is not automated. To secure the rates shown on our homepage, be sure to choose one of the automated options as these rates include the 20% discount described above.

Do we have to pay VAT on your services?

We are obliged to charge VAT to companies based in the UK. Please choose to pay in £ and the correct VAT treatment will be applied to your transaction. For all clients outside the UK, we do not need to add VAT to your invoice. Please choose to pay in US$ and the transaction will be processed without any addition of VAT.

By engaging us to provide social media marketing services, you agree to the following terms & conditions