10 LinkedIn Profile Mistakes to Avoid

By Amy Huges

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LinkedIn Mistakes

LinkedIn is a fantastic way to get yourself and your business (if you happen to have one) seen by a wealth of people who matter. It’s one of the best - if not the best - social media platforms for networking and for finding new jobsBut one of the things that might well be holding you back are LinkedIn mistakes. These mistakes might seem really trivial, and you might not even be aware that you’ve been making them. But their effects can be damaging, because they are the number 1 reason why your profile is either not being seen or, worse still, ignored. This means that all those high-paid jobs are passing you by. 

So let’s take an in-depth look to LinkedIn profile development and how you can iron out 10 of the worst mistakes.


No Profile Picture

Imagine putting your house up for sale but deciding not to include a picture in the brochure? Nobody is going to want to view that house! Well, your LinkedIn profile works in a similar way, with hiring managers much more likely to hit you up if you have a professional pic. Remember, you need a professional LinkedIn profile, and a picture helps you achieve this. 


The WRONG Picture!

Just as bad - if not worse - than having no picture is having the wrong picture. Again, we have to reiterate that your professional LinkedIn profile is supposed to be professional! For this reason, all photos of your with your cat are out. Even if you do look really cute together. Instead, you need a photo of just you, smiling, with good posture and looking energetic. 


The Incomplete Profile

If you don’t complete your LinkedIn profile development, recruiters will dismiss you as someone who is too lazy to finish what they’ve started. And that is not a good way to start selling yourself! 


No Status

Your LinkedIn status is different to your Facebook status. You don’t need to tell recruiters what you had for dinner, but you do need to inform them about where you’re at these days with your career. Think of your status as an article headline. The catchier, more eye-grabbing it is, the better.


Forgetting That There Are Privacy Settings

The privacy settings on LinkedIn allow you to do many things, such as view peoples’ profiles anonymously. Where they really come in handy for you is if you’re actively seeking a new job and are networking with a range of people. By limiting who can see what, you’re ensuring that your current bosses don’t get the impression that you’re wanting out.


No Summary

Okay, the career objective is no longer in vogue on our resumes, but it is still a key part of your LinkedIn profile development and should be exploited. Your summary essentially helps to sell yourself. It is a short bio that informs potential recruiters about your skill set and your long-term goals.


Refusing To Use Key Words

Websites that appear at the top of Google are there because their developers have used the right key words. Key words are what get content seen. Your professional LinkedIn profile is no different. If you fail to use key words related to your field, recruiters won’t be able to find you. To make yourself visible, start using key words. 


Deleting Old Jobs

Sure, all those old jobs you’d rather forget look as though they’re cluttering up your LinkedIn profile, but the truth is that you just don’t know what recruiters are looking for. If you’re a freelance writer who once had experience editing a local newspaper that has since shut down, there is every reason that a recruiter might see that as significant. Keep everything in there.


Lurking Forever

If you hide in the shadows, you might feel as though your professional LinkedIn profile is a waste of time - and you’d be right. But LinkedIn is not for lurkers. Instead, it’s for people who work at LinkedIn and make the most of it. This means joining groups, connecting with as many related people as possible, and perhaps even writing a few articles. You need to get your name out there!


Spelling Errors And Grammar Mistakes

A LinkedIn profile that is littered with mistakes is going to be a major turnoff to all recruiters. If you are not confident with your spelling and grammar, ask someone to help you. First impressions are everything on LinkedIn, and if your profile is a total disaster you may as well not have one in the first place. 


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