10 Side Hustles to Consider in 2019

By LiveCareer

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Whether you are looking to earn extra cash to fund a fancy vacation or to pay down debt in the new year, finding a side hustle in 2019 might be just the ticket. Side hustles come in all shapes and sizes, from work you perform a couple of hours a week to regular part-time jobs. What they have in common is that these roles are performed in addition to your regular job, which means that they often happen at odd hours of the day, or on weekends.

If this sounds like just what you’re looking for, your next question might be, “What are my options for a side hustle? And, how do I find one?” Until someone invents a job board for these types of gigs (www.sidehustle.com has been purchased, according to GoDaddy, so it may not be long), you’ll need to search for work on your own.

Below, we’ve created a list of 10 popular side hustles and given tips on how to procure jobs in each field. Take a look and let’s get earning. And if you need to write or revamp a resume to snag one of these jobs, consider putting a free resume builder to use!

1. Pet care provider

Want a side hustle that won’t require much human interaction? Pet sitting and dog walking are two ways to make some extra cash while hanging out with a furry buddy who is always happy to see you. While dog walkers and cat sitters typically come and go once or twice a day, some pet sitters can also secure longer-term gigs watching over pets in clients’ homes. You can advertise your services on Craigslist and other community boards, or sign up to work with an agency like Fetch or Rover.

2. Catering

Signing up to do catering or banquet work can be a lucrative side hustle. If you can carry a tray and don’t mind being on your feet for long stretches, consider perusing the websites of local hotels and catering companies for seasonal work. Often, neighborhood sites like Nextdoor also have opportunities for private parties.

3. Tutor

If you are great at math, are fluent in a second language, or are skilled at playing an instrument, finding work as a tutor is often a snap. Comb Craigslist for job posts, or put up signs of your own in local schools and shops to attract customers. Or, sign up with a company like Wyzant to be an online tutor.

4. Customer service rep

Looking for a modern side hustle? Check out opportunities with companies that are now hiring customer service reps who work remotely. Since customer service reps are employed in many different industries, there are a variety of opportunities to choose from. Most roles require communicating with customers via phone, email, or live chat to assist with questions or concerns. Companies like FlexJobs, which specializes in connecting job seekers with flexible and remote jobs, make it really easy to search for and apply for your next side hustle.

5. Retail associate

If you are looking for weekend or seasonal work, retail might be the answer to your prayers. Businesses of all kinds look for workers willing to fill night and weekend shifts. Often, finding a retail side hustle is as easy as strolling through the mall with a stack of resumes. Or, check sites like Indeed, which allow you to search for retail work and filter your search to show off part-time roles in your area.

6. Rideshare driver

Lyft and Uber have become synonymous with the words “side hustle.” Requirements for becoming a drive vary from state to state but typically all you need to sign up are to be over age 21, have a valid driver’s license, and a decent ride. Being a good conversationalist and a familiarity with the driving area will boost your success. Drivers set their own days and hours, which is a major plus for a side gig.

7. Food delivery person

Whether you apply to work part-time for your local pizza place or sign up to drive for a service like Caviar, delivering takeout is a side hustle that is in demand all year long. Or, sign up to work with a company like Instacart and get paid to shop for and deliver groceries to customers who don’t have the time or energy to get to the grocery store themselves.

8. Mover

Everyone can use an extra set of hands now and then, especially when it comes to moving heavy furniture and appliances. If you are long on brawn but short on cash, consider a side hustle as a mover. Websites like Craigslist are rife with opportunities to pick up some work pretty much anywhere in the U.S. or sign up with a site like TaskRabbit for more regular gigs.

9. Landscaper/ Gardener

If you’ve got a green thumb but limited outdoor space you can put your talents to use by tending to the lawns and gardens of others as a side hustle. By offering services such as raking leaves, mowing lawns, weeding flower beds and vegetable gardens, or spreading mulch, you can make some extra cash while convening with nature.

10. Babysitter

A responsible babysitter is at the top of almost every parent’s wish list. For evening and weekend events that aren’t kid-friendly, and over summer break when the kids are out of school, nannies and babysitters are a hot ticket item. Services like UrbanSitter make it easy to make yourself visible to parents who just need a night out on the town.

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