3 Innovative Ways to Use Social in Your Job Search

By Maria Onzain

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All job hunters are trying to stand out from the crowd. In a highly competitive job market, it is absolutely essential to shine as a candidate, and your resume needs to give off the first sparks. But, how can you do it?

Recruiters go through hundreds of resumes every week. To grab their attention, it is necessary to start thinking outside of the box.

A good starting point is to look for opportunities, not just job vacancies. Successful job hunters don't limit their research to job openings. Instead, they get in touch with hiring managers of the companies they would like to work for. This approach helps candidates tailor their message better, both in the resume and the cover letter.

Secondly, during all the stages of the job searching process, it is essential to join the conversation. It is recommended to be proactive and check out what recruiters and candidates are saying on social media and to engage with them. This helps top applicants develop key connections and prepare the ground for the face-to-face interview.

Finally, surprising the potential employee will be crucial to breaking through the noise. In some cases, being different and innovative will be the only way to land the interview.

Take a look at the following real-life stories, to help inspire you to do what it takes to get noticed and convince hiring managers to hire you:

1. Unusual resumes that work

These 15 imaginative job seekers used different social networks and online platforms such as Facebook, Amazon or Airbnb to make their resume stand out from the competition. When looking for a job in digital or design, creating an innovative resume is crucial to catch the recruiter’s eye. And done properly, it can lead to a job interview opportunity faster than a traditional resume.

2. Facebook ads investments that are totally worth it 

If recruiters are using ads on Facebook to find candidates, why don’t you do it the other way around? That’s what Sam Salomon thought when he decided to run a Facebook campaign to get his dream job. A small $150 investment was unquestionably worthy for this young innovator who has been followed by many job seekers after seeing his results.

3. Video resume on YouTube 

Video resumes are becoming more demanded by hiring companies, especially in the digital and tech sectors. However, producing a video resume that stands out can be just as intricate as a traditional printed resume. And it may seem even pricier and more time-consuming. However, by being smart and creative, it is possible to put together a resume video that dazzles your next manager. Check out some of the world's most creative video resumes for inspiration. And don’t miss out Mark Leruste’s best video CV ever.

Overall, being creative and original will be indispensable to land your dream job. Do your research and put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes. Then you will be in the right position to decide which route you will take to impress them. If you dare to be innovative, you will soon see a great outcome!

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