4 Career Paths For Compassionate People

By Crystal Simmons

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Truly compassionate people are rare today but the world could certainly use more of them. If you're one of these great people, the skills of empathy, patience and altruism are valuable tools you can use in a perfect career designed to take advantage of your strengths.

As a compassionate individual, you want a job that will make a difference in your community. You want to help people and find new ways to solve problems. This is a list of the top recommended jobs for people who want to make a positive impact on the world while putting food on their own table.

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1. Working with Children

Children provide unique challenges, but also a strong sense of fulfillment for helping them grow into well-rounded, capable individuals. The patience and kindness required to properly nurture children makes jobs like teaching and child care ideal for compassionate people.

Teaching: Of course, becoming a teacher requires at least 4 years of schooling but the job itself offers terrific benefits, great job security, and opportunities to directly impact the quality of a child's life.

Child Care: Depending on your state, you could be qualified right now to open a small care center in your own home to watch neighborhood children. Additional courses and qualifications may be required for a larger operation. Providing quality local childcare takes stress away from your neighbors and gives you a chance to better your immediate area.


2. Life Coaching

If you'd rather work with adults, life coaching is a perfect option for a caring individual. Life coaches help those struggling with overwhelming life issues without the use of clinical psychology, instead focusing on lifestyle changes.

You don't need any academic training or medical study to become a life coach. Instead, you require a keen ear and eye to determine what's holding a person back, and the compassion to work with them through rebalancing their life. People seek the help of life coaches when they are overworked, stressed, anxious, or unsure of the future. You could be the one to help them overcome obstacles and lead a healthier life.


3. Working with Animals

Animals can't use words to communicate, so they require people with excellent empathy skills to help them when they are in need. Having a strong desire to protect the weak and heal the wounded make compassionate people perfect candidates for animal care.

Veterinarians and Vet Techs: Work directly with wounded, sick and well animals. You will be the mouth piece for pets and other animals to their owner, communicating across language barriers. You will also be responsible for the health and welfare of the animals, making it a very rewarding career.

Shelter Work: The pay isn't great, but shelters everywhere are commonly understaffed and need compassionate people to take the helm of their responsibilities. The shelters in your community help control the animal population and save lives every day, so consider shelter work if you are a compassionate and able-bodied person.


4. Flight Attendant

More glamorous than the other jobs on this list, you can enjoy frequent travel while serving people in some of their greatest time of need. On a plane, people depend on flight attendants to keep them comfortable, healthy and calm.

Patience is key, as is a deep desire to help people. Most flight attendant positions can easily be filled with a high-school diploma and on-site training. You will also have to meet certain health and physical standards to make sure it's safe for you to travel.


Do What You Love...

And love what you do. You don't have to compromise your natural strength of compassion for a soulless position at a cold corporation. What you do can matter, and can change the world and your community for the better. Be a force of change and goodness by choosing a career that values your compassion.

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