5 Must-Have New Year Resolutions for Better Careers

By Ash Rao - Career Coach /Corp Recruiter - Dallas

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“The time is always right to do what is right.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

The start of the New Year is often the perfect time to turn a new page in life, to take time to reflect on your past year and make some resolutions to change for better. It is often that time to start something new, quit a bad habit or follow a new routine, which is why so many of us make New Year's resolutions.

However Research shows only 8% of the people are able to keep them while the rest of them are given up too soon!!

The main reason for the resolution to fall through is because it is not realistic and not specific enough.

Similar to your fitness and Physical health goals, Career goals also need to be realistic, achievable and non-overwhelming.

Whether you are seeking a new opportunity or just looking into grow in your current role,

here are 5 resolutions that if followed will bring you Career Happiness and gets you closer to who you want to be in 2017!


Evaluate your Career

Are you happy in your current job? If yes, great! If not , then it is time to analyse past year performance, where you need to focus on to make progress – taking more responsibilities ,learning a new skill, work towards that promotion or even consider making a change!

Embrace Networking

Whether you like it or not, Networking is inevitable in today’s connected world. You have heard this before – it is not just what you know it is also whom you know! So always be open to meeting new people, listening to new ideas and helping other people.

Stay Active and participate in local networking events, go to meetups and join relevant LinkedIn groups. There is a very good chance of you closing the business deal or finding your dream role through a referral rather than applying through a job board or online application!

Take the plunge before you are ready

Yes, I said Before!!

Sometimes, it is best to seize the opportunity even if you are not completely ready and then work your way through. Often most of us make the mistake of either giving excuses or waiting for the perfect time when all stars align so that we can begin something new or take on additional responsibilities. What we do not realize is that if we hesitate too much, then opportunity may slip away and that moment of success will be lost.

So this New Year, Take the plunge – accept a challenge, go out of comfort zone and watch as magic happens!

Remember what Sir Richard Branson said!

Richard Branson



Explore at least one new productivity hack

Try new techniques to cut down distractions and to stay focused on a task. Avoid multi-tasking and disconnect from Social Media occasionally to give yourself a break.

Constantly browsing your Gmail inbox and checking Facebook/Twitter for fresh news feed every hour is not necessary and you don’t have to feel pressured to respond to that Facebook profile picture or news tweet immediately. Those can wait!

Also try this time blocking Pomodoro Technique which is tried and tested to help increase your productivity.

Still not convinced? Then read this! and if you can relate, then time to give a shot at those “efficiency rules”!!


Reduce your work Stress

No matter how rewarding your work is, it is common to feel overwhelmed and stressed at times. Try to reclaim your peace of mind by following some practical methods like keeping your “stress hormone” in control by drinking tea and Vitamin C rich diet, call a friend to vent out at times, listen to your some upbeat music or calming music whichever makes you feel good, and make sure you work amidst happy surroundings like family pics on your work desk, bright paintings, pot plants or anything that can brighten up your mood and make you feel joyful about work!


With these easy-to-follow Resolutions, as the year progresses you will be well on your way to becoming a Better YOU!

Bring it on 2017! You got this!


About the Author:

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Ash Rao is an established Talent Acquisition specialist and a Certified Professional Career Coach. With a Master’s degree in Human Resources and over 10+ years of experience in HR and recruiting/staffing, she is adept at building long lasting client relationships, social media recruiting , career coaching for professionals and building effective job search strategies for career seekers.

Currently working for Verizon Labs as a senior Global Talent Acquisition Specialist, she also provides 1-on-1 career coaching during weekends and after business hours and specializes in resume writing, interview training, building effective LinkedIn presence, Job Search techniques, Networking Tips for to new college grads and mid-level executives.

You can connect with her on LinkedIn here , follow on Twitter here!

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