5 of the Best Careers for Introverts

By Erica Taylor

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Sometimes people confuse introversion with snobbishness or shyness, as if introverts lack the ability to interact with other people. As an introvert yourself, you know that you value the depth of your relationships more than you do the quantity, that you may enjoy solitude and quiet activities, but you form meaningful bonds with other people – you just prefer to handle only a few at a time. While extroverts may excel at salesmanship and customer service jobs, introverts are skilled at taking directions and going off to work alone or in engaging in one-on-one, long-term relationships with clients.

Psychologist or Therapist

Introversion doesn’t have to translate to working in a cubicle and rarely seeing other people. On the contrary, because introverts are used to listening to people more than talking, they make excellent psychologists and therapists. As a psychologist or therapist, you’ll typically work one-on-one with clients or counsel small groups of significant others and families.

Your strengths as an introvert will help you empathize and make critical analyses of clients as they speak, offering advice without dominating conversations. Plus, there’s so much room for advancement in the field. Earn more and increase your potential for securing clients by earning a graduate degree such as a master of science in applied psychology. Someday, if you continue your studies, you might operate your own practice.


If you have a passion for numbers, accounting is an excellent job choice for you. Accountants typically spend large amounts of time in their cubicles going over data and calculations. The only social interaction required is meeting with clients or supervisors on rare occasions. Most days you’re free to do what you do best with minimal distractions.


From the text on a website to the instructions in a product manual, everything you read in business comes from a copywriter or technical writer. If you’re skilled at marketing but don’t relish the on-the-spot in-person sales jobs most salespeople wind up with, you may have the talent for copywriting. Copywriters typically don’t need to meet with their customers in person, and can oftentimes even telecommute and do the bulk of their work at home. If you like writing and reading, as many introverts do, consider writing as a career choice.

Graphic Designer

Like the copywriter, graphic designers have the flexibility of working in an office or working from home. They can spend hours at their desks and computers putting ideas on paper and screen, needing to meet with clients and supervisors only to review their work and receive input to make changes. Within graphic design, there are a number of specializations to pursue, such as web design and architecture. No matter your design talent, be it on paper or digital or both, there’s a career that will let you make the most of your skills.

Develop a portfolio and you may even be able to run your own graphic design business out of your home office — and perhaps even hire an extrovert to help you get clients while you do the design work.

Medical Technician

The medical field is attractive to many people, both because it’s a career field that offers stability and because it’s a noble career where your efforts result in helping people lead healthier lives. However, being a doctor or a nurse involves more social interaction than many introverts may find comfortable, largely with a different group of patients every day. A medical technician is an ideal job for an introvert in the medical field ideal because it largely involves working behind the scenes, collecting and analyzing lab samples, x-rays and other test results and reporting to doctors, nurses and other professionals.

Forbes reports that one-third to one-half of the American population is introverted. In a country where extroversion seems to be more valued in business and even social environments, aim to work a career that values your strengths. As an introvert, you can work in quiet environments for long periods with minimal instruction, and you can build good working relationships with colleagues and clients on a one-on-one basis. There’s room for introverts in almost every field of work, so find your passion and play to your strengths as an introvert.


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