5 Things to ALWAYS Tell a Recruiter

By Will Thomson- Executive Sales Recruiter- Austin, TX

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Will Thomson - 5 Things to ALWAYS Tell a RecruiterRecently, I wrote a blog post called “5 Things to NEVER tell a Recruiter”.  It was a wildly popular blog, check it out. A logical question that the readers asked was: “What should you ALWAYS tell a recruiter”? 

Like any profession, there are good recruiters and bad recruiters.  Some recruiters are heavily involved in the business planning, engage with hiring managers, and truly make a difference in the candidate’s hiring experience.  I would like to say that every recruiter I have encountered is great, but that simply isn’t true. 

Because the recruiting industry has a mix of the good, the bad and the awful, I understand why some candidates react the way they do when they get a call from a recruiter.  Some candidates return every recruiter call, some may not return a single one, and others may respond with “What’s the pay?” before even learning about the opportunity.

I get it.  I do not blame you.  The tarnished image of a recruiter is a real problem and one that is not simply solved.  With that being said, there are great ones out there.  There are honest, hard- working, integrity-filled individuals that truly have your best interest at heart. 

If a recruiter calls you and you return the call, you will be able to tell within a couple of minutes if this is someone you want to work with or not.  If you decide that it is a company/ recruiter you want to work with, there are things you need to know.  There are things you have to be prepared to tell the recruiter.  Here are 5 Things you ALWAYS should tell a recruiter.

1.  No! ( Or Maybe Yes)  Have you been this candidate?  “I’ve heard the job you are selling me.  I’m NOT interested.  This is NOT what I want to do.”  DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME or the RECRUITERS TIME!  I’m telling you as a recruiter, you are NOT hurting my feelings.  You are saving me money, heartache, and frustration.  If you are dealing with the right recruiter, they WILL understand and will help find the right job for YOU!  Now on the flip side of the coin,  If it is the right job, be prepared to listen and say: “Yes, I would like to learn more”.

2.  YOUR Elevator Pitch   As much as you hate selling yourself, you are going to have to do it.  PRACTICE.  Why should I hire YOU?  Let’s face it the unemployment rate is lower than it has been in several years, but companies are being pickier than ever.  Know your strengths, weaknesses and accentuate all of your positive attributes.   Roll play with your friends, family and be ready when you get that call.  Have some sort of clear idea of what you want to do.  Recruiters are NOT mind readers.

3. The Truth-   Recruiters are not dummies.  We are excellent researchers.  We are paid to find the purple squirrel or the needle in the haystack.  If you have something to hide, WE WILL FIND OUT.  Bring it up, and get it out in the clear.  It may not be an issue.  It will be an issue if you do not tell the truth about it though.   Don’t tell a recruiter you can code Java if you can’t.  We WILL TEST you.  You will FAIL .

4.  I’ll Help You  Is it true that you need a good financial planner?  Is it true you need a good banker?  Is it true you need a good lawyer?  Yes, yes and yes.  It is also important to have a good recruiter.  Someone you can trust year after year.  Companies don’t have the loyalty that they used to have.  Work closely to build deep relationships with a select few.  Help recruiters if they need some help with their positions.  You will be amazed how paying it forward today will enhance your career in the future!  I, for one, remember those who go out of their way to help me. I believe in karma.

5.  Your Bottom Line  This one can get a bit tricky.  As recruiters though, this information is VITAL to our process.  There is no sense in interviewing if the company does not have the budget to pay you what you want and need.  We all have our bottom line.  Know what yours is and be prepared to walk away if it isn’t where you NEED to be.  You can always ask: “What is the salary range”?

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