5 Ways for Millennials to Excel in Their Careers

By Dixie Somers

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The world has changed in many ways since those of the millennial generation were children. Staying with one company until retirement is a thing of the past. Although companies would still like to have loyal employees, assuming they deliver good work, there isn't as much of a stigma about employees leaving the company or being laid off anymore. Millennials are well-educated, yet many of them struggle to find a suitable career after graduation. Whether you're a struggling millennial or millennial who wants to take his/her career to the next level, these tips will help you:


Invite a Coworker to Go Out for Lunch or Coffee

Your colleagues who are in the Generation X and Baby Boomers generations really appreciate face-to-face interaction. Inviting them out for lunch, coffee, or a walk is a great way to build relationships, an essential aspect of career success. It's tempting when you're young to think you can do everything yourself, but everyone needs help sometimes and we must work together in order to accomplish amazing things. Every week, invite a colleague out for coffee, lunch, or a walk. Aside from the benefit of relationship building, spending time out with a colleague gives you much-needed fresh air away from the office.


Ask Yourself Who You Are and Self-Reflect

Knowing who you are is important for excelling in your career because it will guide you to making the right decisions and improving the quality of your work. When you know what your strengths are, you will use them at the workplace to impress your employers. It will also help establish you as an asset the company can't do without, depending on how deeply you develop your strengths.


Attend a Technical College

Technical skills are in high demand and can give you a competitive edge while applying for jobs. If you already have a job, then furthering your education shows employers that you care about improving yourself. Attend a technical college like the Interactive College of Technology. Doing so will increase your chances of receiving a promotion, especially if the technical skill you're mastering is relevant to the company.


Network with People Outside of the Company

As stated in the first point, relationship building is a key to career success. When you build relationships with others, unexpected opportunities will open up for you. Therefore, it's just as important to network with professionals and experts outside of the company as inside. Attend networking events and seminars to put yourself out there and connect with new people.


Find a Mentor

If you want to excel in your career, it's helpful to find a mentor because he/she is already where you want to be. Your mentor has valuable experience in your field and knows what it takes to succeed. Pick a mentor who has the position or type of success you dream of having. Also remember that it's a two-way street—mentors want to receive something in return for mentoring you, whether that's learning from you or being paid. Think about what you can offer prospective mentors.

Excelling in your career boils down to keeping up with the times, furthering your education, developing yourself, and building relationships with others. You can accomplish these things by following these tips and focusing on adapting to the rapidly changing present world.

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