5 Ways to Change Your Approach to Job Hunting This Spring

By Amechi Howe

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Has your approach to job hunting become a little stale? It’s easily done! As we welcome in spring, a season for new beginnings, now is the time to make some simple changes and put a little spring back into your search for a new career;

Refresh your job hunt this spring


Review Your CV

OK so you have a CV that you’ve been handing out to employers and posting online. But is it really the best CV you can muster? How long ago did you last read it through and check it for mistakes and relevance?

Put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and start fresh. Emit anything that no longer serves you; add on your new skills and experience. Ask a friend or family member to proofread it and make sure there are no errors.


Take the Direct Approach

Online applications are fair and well and certainly serve a purpose. But they can also make you become complacent. Have you got a specific company in mind? Do you know anyone who may be able to give you a helping hand? Then contact them! Send an email with your new CV attached. Wax lyrical about the company and why you want to work for them, tell them what you can offer, and ask if there are any openings either now or in the near future.


Update Your Profile Picture(s)

They say a picture paints a thousand words. So take a good look at your profile images and see what they say about you. Are they professional? Flattering? Friendly? Genuine? Choose a single image and have it on every platform you use for job searching. This helps to build your personal brand, making you more recognisable for any employers checking out your Twitter feed and LinkedIn profile.


Be Persistent

Don’t lose faith if you haven’t heard back from anyone. Successful job searching requires as much persistence as it does a tactical approach. Regularly review where you’re at and keep on trying. Do some more research, or call on the help of a recruitment agency. Keep checking for new vacancies. Whatever you do, try to stay positive and don’t give up!


Stick to Your Guns

If you are in the midst of numerous rejections, it can be tempting to lose sight of where you’re headed and start applying for anything and everything. Not only is this an ineffective method to job searching, you could wind up in another dead-end situation where you are no happier.

Streamline your applications and remember what it is that made you look for new jobs in the first place. Know your worth and stay true to yourself.

Author Bio:

Amechi Howe is the director at red10, an experienced boutique recruitment agency, based in London. Specialising in the investment, insurance and technology sectors, red10 has a wealth of knowledge and experience in recruiting the right candidates for their dream job.

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