5 Ways To Raise Your Office’s Morale This Summer

By Inspiring Interns

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Productivity. Performance. Creativity. Attendance. Quality. The things that benefit from good employee morale make a long list. But what if your workforce is more morose than motivated?

As the days lengthen and the sun rises earlier, you may find smiles a more frequent occurrence in your office. For those that don’t, here are some ways to break through the winter blues.


Jump-start your colleagues

We all know exercise has positive effects on fitness, self-esteem and even your mental health. But there’s a more pressing reason that companies are buying their employees gym memberships. Breaking a sweat with your colleagues can improve communication, camaraderie and engagement.

Lunchtime exercise classes can help a team bond and a company come together. Organise a run club for whoever wants to join in, or take everyone out for a yoga session in the park. Research shows that, to compensate for the eight sedentary hours of a standard working day, a whole hour of activity is required daily. So get out there and get moving.



When T-Mobile introduced its ‘Sing and Inspire’ campaign to its Merthyr Tydfil employees back in 2011, it expected to reap the rewards. But the choral and voice-training programme exceeded expectations, cutting absenteeism by half and boosting customer satisfaction 41%.

Company choirs and music-making are huge right now, with mega-brands like John Lewis setting up company-wide groups. Music has proven mental health benefits and an excellent track record in bringing people together. And with singing, anyone can participate.


Get flexible 

Are you the employer rather than the employee? It’s been said a thousand times, but we’ll say it again: flexible working is a good idea. The best motivation for a workforce is to give them what they want, and when over half of U.S. workers rate flexi-time as their top perk, it’s a no-brainer. 

You don’t have to offer work-from-home options or even relax expectations of your workers. In fact, it’s very important to establish targets in a flexible arrangement; tell your employees what you require of them at the end of each week, then allow them to set manage their own schedules to meet that. Chances are few will alter their work hours, output will soar and the increased freedom will raise spirits among your workers. Win-win.


Healthy competition

Office sports and competition pools are just a bit of fun, right? Well, according to recent research, they’re also great for office camaraderie. The study from Randstad U.S. found 9 in 10 workers think office pools are a great way to bond with colleagues, while 79% think it improves their engagement at work.

It’s so easy to organise, and Eurovision’s coming up… Pass that hat around!



Feel a little lost in life or work? An increasing number of workplaces now offer several days’ annual paid voluntary work to employees. Encouraging your employees to volunteer is a clear win-win; trials indicated that, while they’ll find increasing meaning in their daily work, you’ll see gains in engagement and productivity.

Summer’s coming. Across the country, moods are lifting. Make sure the same can be said of your workplace; work on your morale today!



Susanna Quirke writes for Inspiring Interns, a graduate recruitment agency which specialises in sourcing candidates for internships and giving out graduate careers advice. To hire graduates or browse graduate jobs, visit their website.

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