6 Phrases to Captivate Your Hiring Manager

By Ken Sundheim

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A phenomenal way to solidify your standing with an interviewer is to offer captivating, insightful responses.  Below, we’ve accumulated six phrases that will be sure to impress the next sales hiring manager you speak with.

Discussing Your Values as a Sales Professional

In sales, I’ve always felt that you are able to thrive even if your product or service is second best in the market.  However, it’s virtually impossible to succeed without resilience, an understanding of how your target market makes decisions and a sincere caring for their well-being.

An Inspirational Way to Explain Why You Want the Job

20 years from now, I want to look back at my career and feel that I contributed to the well-being of my co-workers, clients and, to a certain extent, my community.

Explain How You Sell Faster Without Sacrificing Personalization

I believe that one of the best ways to expedite a sales cycle is personalization. I feel that when you clearly show a prospective client how the product will help them specifically as opposed to the general user, it increases engagement and demand.

Avoiding Pain Points and Focusing On Solutions

While I always want to know what issues a prospective client is facing, I try to shy away from calling those shortcomings “pain points.” I’ve always felt that it’s human nature to not want to discuss our mistakes.

Rather, we want to sweep them under the rug. Instead of having my clients do that, I focus on the outcome of the solution and try to paint a picture of what life will be like both with my solution and with the status quo.

Culture vs Industry When Choosing a Sales Job

When it comes to choosing my next job, the company’s culture is as important as the industry. It’s my opinion that a company’s culture can be a severe constraint on its success.  I've learned that as I left my last role making sure that past employment and recruiting history.

In this instance, industry becomes irrelevant because there is little chance for success. Conversely, a vibrant, focused and positive culture can make any industry enthralling.

What Helped Me Exceed Sales Quotas

  • I diversified my outreach activities (but predominately utilized phone and email with some social media).
  • I found that different people responded to different forms of reach out.
  • As a result, I would often begin with the phone (as most cold-calling positions want the candidates to use the phone).
  • I found that personalizing reach-outs to make them play to the person’s buying personality was the most effective method.
  • I learned to determine whether the individual was persuaded by hard facts or by emotion.


In the End 

When tested on users of our recruitment outplacement services, the above phrases not only impressed hiring managers, but enticed them to move the individual on to the next round of interviews. 

It’s what you say and how you say it that matters.  When you speak with empathy, thought and sincerity, you appear more truthful and attractive to hiring managers as well as recruiters.  


About the Author:
Ken Sundheim is the CEO of KAS Placement, a sales and marketing recruiting firm specializing in staffing business development and marketing professionals around the U.S.  Ken has written for Forbes, Business Insider, AOL, Wall St. Journal and many others. 

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