7 LinkedIn Tips That Will Help Graduates Get Hired

By Ta'Rikah Jones

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More and more recruiters are using social media tools like LinkedIn to find the best candidates in the market.  As a graduate on the job hunt, it’s important to not only have an up-to-date resume but also an optimized LinkedIn profile in order to open doors and land that dream job.

Here are 7 LinkedIn tips that will help recent graduates get hired.

Create an Attention-Grabbing Headline

No matter where they’re used, headlines are always the most important component to any piece of content because they are what grab the reader’s attention. LinkedIn allows 120 characters for a headline and these characters should be used to state what a candidate does as opposed to what they are. And it goes without saying that these headlines need to be enticing to get employers and recruiters to click on the profile.

Have an Appropriate Profile Picture

LinkedIn is a social media network for professionals to connect, not for friends and families to show off vacation photos. Having a professional headshot with a neutral background is the best way a candidate can present themselves to prospective employers. The photos should be warm and personable but always, always professional.


Industry-relevant keywords used throughout a user profile help that profile be found higher within LinkedIn’s search rankings, which increases the likelihood the candidate’s profile will get noticed. It’s a good idea to use keywords specifically in the skills section since these sections will also come up in search queries as well.

A Complete Summary

It’s very important to have a completed summary within a LinkedIn profile, as this essentially acts the same way as a cover letter. This is where a candidate can show off their personality and assert themselves. The summary gives a reader a brief overview of the candidate and what they have to offer. Those who wish to standout should be creative, perhaps even using a video or slide show.

Profile Highlights

LinkedIn has recently introduced a new section where professionals can include not only their skills, but also any languages they speak (or code), certifications received as well as any publications. This is a section that should be utilized!


LinkedIn profiles that include recommendations from other professionals are more credible and make a greater impression with prospective employers and recruiters. Candidates should not be afraid to approach individuals within their network with whom they’ve made a positive impression to ask for a recommendation.

Personalized URLs and Profile Settings

Candidates should personalize the URL address of their LinkedIn profile, as it will help employers find them, especially when searching on Google. Also, the profile settings allow users to set their profile to be visible to the public – this may seem obvious but some users neglect to make sure settings are optimized.

Today’s career experts agree that LinkedIn is by far one of the most essential job search tools out there. Not only can candidates instantly connect with hundreds, if not thousands, of other professionals when searching for job openings, LinkedIn profiles can also serve as continual job magnets, attracting recruiters and hiring managers who may have positions that need to be filled.


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