7 Tips To Learn From an Executive Recruiter

By Georgina Stewart

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There are a great many things that you can learn from hunting for jobs but being a job seeker doesn’t always teach you the tips and tricks that you really need to know; what you need are the tips that you can’t learn from experience, the tips that you could only learn from an executive recruiter. Whether you’re looking for a part-time job or to begin your career anew, here are 7 tips from the experts on job seeking.


1. Enthusiasm

As explained by Anya Kamenetz of FastCompany.com, you should attempt to only apply for jobs that you can actually see yourself in; apply for jobs that you believe that you would enjoy or could at least pretend to enjoy on a daily basis. Employers pick up on genuine enthusiasm more than you would expect and although the majority of employers will settle for false optimism and enthusiasm, genuine enthusiasm is much more likely to secure the job that you are applying for. Crush your opposition with your smile!


2. Persistence

As an employer I know that a persistent individual is much more employable than a candidate that sits idle and simply accepts what happens. If an applicant were to contact me after an interview I would be prone to either ask them back for another interview or to employ them as their eagerness to learn would outweigh their lack of experience.


3. Knowledge

When you achieve the next stage of job hunting and are granted an interview, you should have substantial knowledge of the company that the interview is with. Your knowledge doesn’t have to be a vast understanding of the business, what they do and how much profit they make; just revise some facts to show you’re proactive and are willing to put the time into research. By remembering these facts you will be able to demonstrate your skills in research and impress the interviewer.


4. Networking

Before an interviewer will accept you for a job they are likely to search for you through an internet browser. When they search for you, what are they going to find? The employer might come across your social network pages so it is important that they are respectable. If privacy settings are off, ensure that there is nothing that you wouldn’t want your future employers to know. Making a bad impression through social media pages could seriously affect your chances of acquiring a job.


5. Pride

Show your potential employer that you take pride in yourself through something that isn’t visual. Wearing perfume or aftershave indicates that you are willing to take the extra step to impress as not only are you thinking of your appearance, you’re also taking into account other aspects of how you present yourself. Aftershave or perfumes also indicate that you are capable of considering a wider picture; and so you would be open to ideas and thinking outside of the box.


6. Posture

The way you enter an interview can influence the likelihood of you being chosen for the position. You need to maintain a perfect posture; with your back straight, shoulders spread and your head held high. If you enter the interview presenting yourself in this way you will come across as confident, however you don’t want to come across as arrogant. Don’t strut or flaunt yourself as this can have the opposite of your desired effect.


7. Don’t Give Up!

Even if you are rejected numerous times; don’t give up on your search for a job. There are hundreds of jobs available, just because you haven’t yet found the one for you doesn’t mean that you won’t find it sooner or later. For instance did you know that Richard Adams was rejected 26 times before Watership Down was considered for publication? So don’t lose face over a few rejections, learn from your mistakes and try again.


There are a number of other tips and tricks that can influence your chances of scoring the job that you are looking for such as punctuality, basic skills and communication, but the one thing to remember above all else is to be you. Don’t attempt to lie your way through an interview and don’t exaggerate your achievements too greatly; the purpose of an interview is for the company to assess whether you are suitable for the role, and just as important is whether the role is suitable for you.


Georgina Stamp works in the interim management industry where she spends a great deal of her time analysing candidates and looking for the most qualified executives for respectable companies. She currently works for Marble Hill Partners who are specialists in executive search.


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