7 Ways That a Recruitment Agency Can Help You With Your Job Search

By Financial Staffing

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In the face of an ever-changing jobs market, having a recruiter that understands your skills and experience can be an essential tool; helping you to manage your career and its development.

The financial sector in particular has had a turbulent few years and our recruiters have helped countless candidates to make the right moves at the right time. In the past year the market has begun to recover and opportunities are on the rise. Making use of a recruiter’s extensive array of employer contacts and sector knowledge can help you to make the most of this return to form.

With that in mind here are 7 ways that a recruitment agency can help with your job search.

Access to jobs not available on the ‘open market’

Recruiters often have access to jobs that aren’t advertised on the open market. This is particularly true for senior positions. In October 2014, Onrec reported a 45% growth in unadvertised senior positions illustrating why using a recruiter should be an integral part of your job search to ensure that you get a true picture of the opportunities on offer.

Recruiters can put you forward for jobs before they’ve been advertised

It’s quite common for recruiters to get the inside line on available positions before they are advertised elsewhere. Being put forward for a role before it’s been advertised can you give you a head start on the competition and if the role is urgent, being first in line can pay dividends. If you impress the interviewer you might find yourself hired before the rest of the competition even gets a chance.

Get the benefit of their experience and expertise

One of the most stressful elements of getting hired is writing your CV and preparing for the resulting interviews. The benefit of using a recruiter is that we see CVs every day and we hear regular feedback from interviewers about candidate performance.

We know how to present your experience in the best possible light and can help you to learn what makes you an attractive prospect on paper to an employer. Moreover before an interview, recruiters can prime you with questions and suggested answers so you feel confident that you can excel in front of an interview panel.

Insider info

Recruiters know your sector. If they have their finger on the pulse (and ours always do) they’ll be able to give you advice on any changes in the industry and could even help you to plan for the future by understanding skills shortages or needs within your sector. Moreover, recruiters often have vital information about the work culture of prospective employers. In a recent ‘work happiness’ survey by Barclays, 26% of respondents identified getting on with work colleagues as the most important happiness factor, closely followed by work-life balance (24%). Recruiters can help you to get a feel for whether the employer’s work culture fits in with the type of environment that will keep you happy.

A recruiter can fight your corner

It’s not uncommon for employers to express concerns about potential candidates prior to hiring. If you’ve built up a good relationship with your recruiter and they have belief in your abilities they can fight your corner and help to alleviate any concerns. In certain circumstances a recruiter may even help you to get considered for a position that on paper you might not be qualified for. Recruiters can see past your CV and look to your experience and potential to help you get your foot in the door.

They can help you to find out what you’re worth

Recruiters place candidates in your sector day in, day out. This means they know what salaries candidates are likely to achieve and can give you advice on your market worth. This can be particularly useful if you’ve been working for an organisation for some time or if you’re looking for that next step up on the career ladder.

They can negotiate salary on your behalf

Research reported by Onrec showed that 67% of HR Directors are more willing to negotiate salaries with leading job candidates than 12 months ago. Once an employer has expressed an interest in hiring you, the recruiter can have that difficult conversation around salary on your behalf. As your recruiter already has a relationship with the employer, they will already have a feel for what the employer will stretch to for the right employee. Letting a recruiter do this for you can remove the stress and awkwardness and hopefully get you the salary that will keep you and the employer happy.  

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