8 Fulfilling Careers for Women in IT Without Degrees

By Alice Berg

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Techies are in high demand all over the world and someone who understands computing is a necessity in any company aiming for efficiency. Long thought to be the preserve of Einsteinian minds and degree holders, women who have long been in the tech shadows are starting to emerge as a force to reckon with in the industry. Strong-willed and equally, if not more gifted than their male counterparts, these ladies chase careers in the highly competitive industry because they aim to build on their passions and get long-term fulfilment.

No Panic. Here Are Tech Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree

While tech is a highly dynamic and versatile field, with a special emphasis on computing, its practicality is what opens up the possibilities of one not requiring a bachelor’s degree to effectively conduct assigned tasks. Opportunities for women especially in STEM areas are on the rise as companies aim to bridge the gender gap and bring a different perspective to their operations. This presents an even greater chance for women who lack degrees but are interested in tech to find their footing. Computer engineering technology jobs for folks without degrees is certainly on the increase. In fact, most of the CEOs in Silicon Valley, women included, don’t have tech degrees.

So, what are those well-paying tech jobs that you can pursue, successfully as a woman without a tech degree?

Computer Support Specialist

This is a role that every organization with computers or a networked connection needs. It ranks highly among the best computer science jobs. The person also referred to as a service technician helps maintain the company software and equipment, and may also provide network support on such issues as LAN and WLAN connectivity and email support. If you’re looking through the ranks of computer jobs that pay a decent salary without a tech degree, you might want to settle for the average of $48,000 that this job takes in.

Computer Network Support Specialist

While this intertwines to some extent with the previous entry, a CNSS is a more specialist role and is most popular with medium-sized to large organizations running considerable network systems including Avaya and Cisco installation/troubleshooting. Though more complex, an associate degree or some certification will usually suffice. At $63,000, CNSS makes it to our list of high paying jobs without a degree or experience in tech.

Web Developer

This ranks highly among IT jobs that don't require a degree. The beauty of coding and web development is that these skills can be self-taught. One can also be self-employed as a developer, which is even more attractive especially for women who may find it hard to fit into certain organizational practices. With a median salary of $62,000, we’d say many aspiring women techies will feel right at home here.

women who code

Software Engineer

While the term ‘engineer’ might sound imposing and a reserve of those with degrees, practicality is what matters most. The most important skill that one needs to have is the ability to read, write and conceptualize in code. Many engineers working in big-name Silicon Valley giants such as Google and Facebook don’t have a degree. The skills are what count. With such a job you can attract as much as $100,000, making this one of the most lucrative tech jobs that don't require a degree.

Systems Analyst

A systems analyst co-mingles computing and data and creates efficiency in operations. Though a degree will certainly help in understanding some of the algorithmic data patterns, it isn’t a strict prerequisite. The key is the understanding how the entire system works. Knowledge of code and other packages such as SQL will certainly come in handy. At an attractive $80,000 yearly, this ranks highly in the list of tech jobs that pay well.

Telecommunications Specialist

With such tasks as:

  •         equipment installation
  •         maintenance
  •         troubleshooting

and working across a wide range of service industries such as telephony, ATM, and alternate business channels, a TS is one of the less visible roles on the list. A certification or an associate degree plus experience is enough to turn you into an expert. At $54,000, it makes for great work without all the hassle of a degree and ranks highly among certificate programs that pay well.

Digital Support, Development, and SEO

This sounds like one of the more conspicuous roles on the list. Developing graphics and other digital content, and highly valued in advertising, one can develop the needed skills on their own or take a short course in graphics packages. At upwards of $70,000, digital development slides comfortably into our list of great tech jobs that don’t require computer technology degrees.

Security Specialist

While not strictly in the ranks of computer coding jobs, security specialists do handle a fine amount of tech, be it hardware or software. Developing these solutions don’t necessarily need a degree and this is one of those areas where practicality truly matters. One can make as much as $90,000 from it. Not bad at all we’d say.

About the Author:

Alice Berg is a blogger and a career advisor at SkillRoads, who received a degree in Social Work and Applied Social Studies. Now she helps people to find their own way in life, gives career advice and guidance, helps young people to prepare for their careers. You can find Alice on Twitter.

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