Are These 4 Ingredients Missing From Your Social Media Resume?

By Ray Holder

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Whether you’re a graphic designer or a biologist, using the internet to showcase yourself is the key to building a good resume. After all, the internet is simply a network of networks and the first rule in the professional world is – network, network, network. So take a look at your online presence, and see if it has all it needs to be the perfect resume.


If potential employers and contacts don’t have easy access to your professional profiles, they aren’t going to take the time to dig deeper. It’s vital that all professional accounts you’ve created are linked to one another. Whether it’s Twitter, LinkedIn, or your blog on Wordpress, make sure that any follower can get from one profile to the other easily. You should also make it a point to make all your posts and videos shareable across several platforms.

Integration is not only important online, but out in the real world, too. While your accounts may be tied to each other, they won’t be known unless you tell the right people about them. The way to put your name out there is to attend networking events and conferences. The YTI Career Institute is one of many organizations that hold such events on a regular basis as part of their career services.


It’s not enough to set up accounts that you update only once in a while. Once they are all linked to each other, it becomes easier to manage your activity across all platforms you use. Being active means blogging frequently, updating your website when needed, linking current news articles, and keeping followers interested in your account. If your account activity is sparse, it is less likely to show up when others perform searches for someone with your qualifications.

But remember, when it comes to social media resumes, the main objective is not to have the most followers or the most shares. That should be a byproduct of your commitment to building a professional persona that people will value and respect.


While staying active is important, the content of what you post on your accounts is just as important. Refrain from treating your accounts like Facebook or Instagram, where posting selfies and status updates about personal matters are the norm. Instead, keep an eye out for and link news that is relevant to your areas of interest – especially if it related to the field you work in. Post about projects occurring around the world, your ideas and thoughts on them and take the opportunity to show off your own projects and skills.

The reason it is important to stay relevant to your field of work is that other members of the same field will appreciate it and will remember your name. You may even get a job offer from someone simply because they admire your obvious skills and passion for your work. 


Let’s face it; most people will merely skim through your blog posts. So it becomes imperative to ensure that your posts contain all sorts of media – videos, images, Prezi presentations, infographics, interactive games (if they’re relevant), and even music. It is even possible to post a video of yourself in which you can tell viewers about yourself and your career goals – a video resume.

Multimedia is a relief to the eye and is guaranteed to capture a follower’s interest.

In order to optimize your social media resume, you must be easily accessible, stay active online, maintain a professional relevance, and make regular use of different graphics. These four ingredients should be just the thing to take your online presence to the next level.

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