Are You Easy to Find?

By Maple Resourcing

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Once upon a time having a ‘search strategy’ was something only employers needed to worry about. For candidates it was straight forward; look for job adverts and apply. The most important thing you needed to do when looking for a new role was to make sure your CV was up to date, spelled correctly and easy to read.

Then came the internet.

At first, the arrival of the internet simply meant the traditional model of recruitment moved online – the same style job adverts were placed in online classifieds rather than in newspapers. Candidates searched the electronic pages and clicked ‘apply’, rather than posting their application/phoning in.

In recent years however, social networking and Job Boards have reached maturity. There is now almost universal adoption of these digital platforms amongst internal and external recruiters alike. Today, professional online networks such as LinkedIn, along with an array of Job Board sites, have become the first port-of-call for most recruiters.

This has caused the roles of candidate and recruiter to become reversed.

Whereas in the past responsibility was placed primarily on the candidate to find a suitable advert and send a beautifully crafted CV to the recruiter….now, the recruiter comes looking for you first. They have a set of requirements and are proactively searching online for the people they need.

So, if recruiters are now searching for candidates proactively, rather than posting adverts and passively waiting for candidates to contact them….this means that you are now the one that has to place the advert – you must advertise your professional profile online effectively in order to stand the best chance of being alerted to new opportunities – opportunities that may never be advertised at all.

All the same principles apply to promoting your professional profile online as with any other advert – you must be in the right places for recruiters to find you, your profile must be targeted to appeal to the right type of recruiter, and the messages you put out need to grab attention and motivate recruiters to contact you.

For most people, their online professional profile will be their LinkedIn profile (although there are of course other work-focused social networks out there). Your profile might also include an additional online portfolio, blog and/or website. However, it’s important to be where the recruiters (the ones that are relevant to your particular sector and/or skillset) are going to be – and this means being on the social networks where recruiters are able to efficiently scan thousands of profiles all in one place. It makes sense to make sure your profile is there ready to be seen by them.

The other popular facility for modern proactive recruiters is usually going to be the Job Board websites – again, these provide a single place where recruiters can search thousands of potential candidate CVs quickly and efficiently. It’s important to make sure your CV is registered with these sites if you want to stand a good chance of a recruiter seeing your ‘advert’ in their searches.

Whether it’s LinkedIn or a Job Board however, as well as being registered, it’s important you optimise your profile/CV for the search engines that recruiters will be using to find them. This is a topic in itself but, as a minimum, you should make sure your profile is fully completed and you find out what buzz-words are associated with the role you are seeking, so you can include them in your profile and CV.

Get optimised, get found, get that new job.


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