Bounce back from redundancy in 5 steps

By Andrew Fennell

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Redundancy can be a worrying and stressful experience but it needn’t be the end of your career. Sometimes when one door closes, another will open and opportunities will follow. So if you’ve been made redundant, CV writing service StandOut CV have created this guide showing you step-by-step guide on how to bounce back from redundancy.

The first step is to understand your entitlements by reviewing your contract and speaking with your employer. Some employers will provide support to help you transition into a new role, such as outplacement service provision and CV workshops. Secondly find out what your value in the marketplace is by researching relevant jobs online and speaking with recruitment consultants.

Update your CV with all of the valuable skills and knowledge that you picked up in your current role and be sure to demonstrate your value with achievements, facts and figures. Once your CV is up to scratch, promote yourself relentlessly on the job boards, LinkedIn and networking events. Make sure that your interview technique is up to scratch by practising common interview questions and researching your target employers thoroughly.

By covering all of the areas above, you should equip yourself with all the tools you need to impress employers and land a new role. Redundancy affects people all over the world in all industries, so there’s no need to let it get the better of you. With your talents and the support of your employer, you should be able to seamlessly transition into a new role with solid career prospects.

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